FORENSSICK - Cristo Te Ama Gusano


Fronted by original singer of now defunct colombian legends PURULENT plus ex-members of cult spanish bands such as LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER and EXPIRATION (pre-UNSANE CRISIS), one of the finest grindcore heavy-weights FORENSSICK to emerge from Colombia and Spain together are ready to unleash their relentless, intense and brutal-as-hell musical assault at the OEF 2014!!!

The band, born in Madrid (Spain) are ready to show the world that Colombian and Spanish grindcore and death metal scenes are more alive than ever!! This true Grindcore/Death Metal hybrid bulldozer is ready to terrorize the OEF legions... get prepared!!!


The band was born in 2006. will ( drums ) and Leo (guitar ) got together in a small venue , with the idea of forming a band in the style of the American groups. METALLICA, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, SLAYER . The idea was to make pure thrash metal. So we were rehearsing and taking the necessary feeling to form a band.It is time to look for when the vocalist to propose the idea of making their own songs , arrives in June comes juan carlos ( vocalist ) . With influences and harder with experience in old Colombian brutal death bands ( PURULENT , CANCERBERO ) .Responsible for the voices and harden a bit the sound of the band.Begin to compose themselves and hardest death metal influenced by old school ( SUFFOCATION, cannibalcorpse , OBITUARY ) issues.Back then John remembers meeting a former bassist friend, your hearing ago and then fit the ideology and way of composing band , Angel (low) is now officially bassist .With all the members of the band decided to call band FORENSSICK.

With composing nearly 10 songs, are ready to offer direct , which is really what they like . With this formation the group takes a turn towards a sound more grindcore and something more modern with the urge to do.something different with more personality Influenced by bands such as PIG DESTROYER , NASUM , NAPALM DEATH , CONVERGE , BRUTAL TRUTH , EXTREME NOICE TERROR , TERRORIZER , DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN , BOTCH , COALESCE.

With a sound more HARDCORE without forgetting those early influences and classic Death Metal Trash , and also the classic Underground Grind Core 80 and 90.At the rate of two years the band recorded their first demo of 5 songs , called themselves FORENSSICK recorded the old fashioned way , all live and in one take.This form of tax is more than an attempt to return to a sound of the 80s was purely economic obligation, An entirely self for hanging on myspace demo.

In August of that same year they recorded their first music video and single to date with the producer REBORN VIDEO ( www.r3bOrn.es ) called " Festin de Carne " something like summer theme .. welcome to the BBQ .. In this month we included the same subject in the compilation SPAIN KILLS in vol7 . grind core ( Xtremmusic 055- 07CD ) . In October 2008 the demos ready and some concerts to view FORENSSICK. Decided to promote more direct band with a second guitarist. is when Leo left the band for personal reasons, is when the new guitarist Michel becomes the first and only ..... ironies of life.Here comes the time of maximum activity on stage coming to give concerts with bands like BRUTAL TRUTH , SQUASH BOWLES, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER, HUMAN MINCER , DEV / NULL , CYANIDE , uncreated , and where they played Metalfest groups as: MISERY INDEX, HIBRID , HINDRANCE , PARKWAY DRIVE, HOLLOW , INBREED and more.

By a twist of fate in April 2010 the lead guitarist Michel left the band for personal reasons and moving to hopeless people nobody knows . FORENSSICK founded a new guitar player called Pierre, A person who in less than a week could memorize nearly 10 songs without blinking . So in this way the formation is full again and becomes current . With members from different countries. COLOMBIA , SPAIN AND FRANCE ..Thus FORENSSICK recorded his second promo called VICTIMS .This makes training FORENSSICK few direct promotional and including the AT CHRISTMAS TIME BUTCHERY 2010 festival in Portugal , Next to the legendary band MASTER . some directs in madrid with WORMROT And MARUTA , RABID DOGS, GORE AND CARNAGE.

Right now the band has a new album in 2013 called CONTROL / CORROSION .. produced themselves and helped by GORESICK seal.


Release date Release name Media
2014 International Idiots EP
2013 Control\Corrosion CD
2010 2nd DEMO
2008 1st DEMO


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