NUNSLAUGHTER - Worst Nightmare


Gather the kvlt and don your spikes OBSCENE EXTREME, US death metaller NUNSLAUGHTER are bringing their brand of hair-whipping evil to Trutnov.

Founded in 1987, Cleveland, Ohio’s NUNSLAUGHTER have put out nearly 120 blasphemous releases in over two decades without compromising their harsh, old school death/thrash sound or Christ-butchering image.

Hit the pit for NUNSLAUGHTER and OBSCENE EXTREME 2014 and leave your own blasphemous blood sacrifice.


NunSlaughter is 26 years old and still metal as fuck. Over 120 releases on various formats and a multitude of bootlegs from around the world and you still never heard of them? Get off your ass and go down into the underground where NunSlaughter dwells.

Metal is Death Death is Metal NunSlaughter Death Metal.

-Don of the Dead 2013


Release date Release name Media
2013 Idle Hands EP
2013 The Devils Congeries Vol. 1 Compilation
2013 Nunslaughter / Antiseen - Split
2013 South East Asia Rehearsal EP
2013 Live in Clifton New Jersey Live album
2013 Death Rituals Split
2013 Noctis EP
2013 Possessed By Death Metal Live album
2012 Nunslaughter / Unburied - Split
2012 The Danish Murders Live album
2012 Near the Catacombs Live album
2012 Nunslaughter / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium - Split
2012 Live Mexicali EP
2012 NunSlaughter / Fetid Zombie - Split
2012 Live Devils in the City of Angels DVD
2012 Forward to Hell Live album
2012 The Hammer of Satan - Split


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