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VITAMIN X - Modern Man


One of the most active hardcore bands of the last decade. Hard to find a festival or a part of the world where fast and loud music is big without this Dutch band playing there. From small DIY festivals and clubs to big commercial events. VITAMIN X simply have their fans around the globe and across music genres.

We bet anything that during the Obscene Extreme 2019 there will be many of you to create a unique atmosphere for them and to throw yourselves headlong into the massive circle pit once you hear the first riffs from their latest album "Age Of Paranoia" released at Southern Lord Recordings!!!


Vitamin X from Amsterdam are one of the leading and most popular hardcore punk trash rock n roll bands. They released several classic albums (incl albums of the year), recorded with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Iggy, Neurosis), toured around the world several times (from Japan to US, from South America to South East Asia), played on MTV and many big fests (Hellfest, Maryland Death Fest, etc) and recently toured with Baroness and Harley’s Cro Mags.

They’re famous for their energetic and explosive live shows which attract people from all genres incl. metal, punk and rock.

Their recent 2016 animation video “About To Crack“ went viral, reached more than a million views and was featured on BBC/Channel4, Havoc TV and a Vimeo staff pick!
Their 6th album “Age Of Paranoia“ will be released in 2018 on Southern Lord Records and Vitamin X will be presenting their new songs for the first time at fests and shows in 2018! And ofcourse they’ll also play all their classic songs. Artwork is by Marald (Baroness, High On Fire, Kylesa)

Vitamin X is Marko Korac (vocals), Marc Emmerik  (guitar), Alex Koutsman (bass) and Danny (drums). They released 5 albums and several singles, incl “See Thru Their Lies“ (2000), “Down The Drain“ (2002), “Bad Trip“ (2004), “Full Scale Assault“ (2008) and “About To Crack“ (2012). Their brand new -sixth- album “Age Of Paranoia“ will be released in 2018!


Release date Release name Media
2018 Age of Paranoia
2012 About To Crack LP
2008 Full Scale Assault CD, LP
2005 Rip It Out EP
2004 Bad Trip CD, LP
2003 split 7" with Blind Society (King Friday) EP
2003 Random Violence (Japanese tour CD, Good Luck) EP
2002 Down the Drain CD, LP
2001 People That Bleed EP
2001 We Came Here For Fun EP
2000 See Thru Their Lies CD, LP
1999 Once Upon A Time EP
1998 Straight Edge Crew EP


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