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WEHRMACHT - Drink Beer Be Free


"Drink beer be free". This is a motto we have been encountering for 30 years thanks to the American legend of thrashcore fury which is no one less than WEHRMACHT!!! We do not think a big introduction is needed in this case as all the maniacs across the styles certainly have and know the legendary recordings such as "Shaark Attack" or "Biermacht." An unbelievable mix of thrash, speed metal, hardcore and punk with guitar prowess and blast beats that used to be by far the fastest ones at that time. This is WEHRMACHT is so famous for!

The shows of these freaks are one big party with a great musical part and some of them have become legendary due to the accumulated madness!!! In 2014 we could see WEHRMACHT on the OEF's boards delivering an insane mosh. We are glad to welcome the guys around Marco Shark again after 5 years!!! We do fucking love them!!! And you???


“Drink beer be free!!” This has been the motto for thrash legends Wehrmacht for over 30years.

With groundbreaking albums such as “Shark Attack” and “Biermacht”, Wehrmacht helped create the crossover scene with their version of speed metal, punk, thrash and beer. With guitar gymnastics and the fastest blast beats of the time, Wehrmacht took everything a step further by integrating massive amounts of alcohol. The result has been decades of madness and some of the most crazy live shows the crossover world has ever witnessed. Every Wehrmacht concert is a complete party and with thousands of initiated “shoe brothers and sisters” around the world, that party keeps getting bigger each year!!!


Release date Release name Media
2014 Stolen Thoughts split 7’ with Disintegrator
2014 The Complete Beer Soaked Collection 1985/1989 (Boxed Set)
2013 Wehrmacht Attacks Los Angeles! (Video)
2010 Fast as a Shark Attack EP
2010 Shark Attack/Biermacht
2010 Viva Sharko! (Boxed Set)
2009 Hardcore Classix!
1990 Vice Grip EP
1989 Biermacht LP
1987 Shark Attack LP
1986 Live at Pine St. Theatre DEMO
1986 Death Punk DEMO
1986 Beermacht DEMO
1985 Rehearsal '85 DEMO
1985 Blow You Away DEMO


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