SUFFER THE PAIN - Break Your Chains


Punks who play death metal? Of course death metal properly infected with a punk or better a crust filth. That is SUFFER THE PAIN. A relatively new squad from Sweden but formed of members who have reached quite a lot as for musical projects. Former members of a grind core bruisers From the ashes and current ones of a crust core gang Slaktrens (Krigshot worship).

Having put out two cassette demos and a 7“ split with a better known band Bombs Of Hades they plan to release a 7“ and a full-lenght album at Phobia Records next year. Could at all this band be bad when mighty Fenriz himself from Dark Throne ranked them among the bands in the „Band Of The Week“ chart? I bet not.


Suffer The Pain started in the beginning of 2012 by former Fromtheashes members Stefan and Johan. Thefirst year 2 cassettes was released on Krig Tejps, The Death and The Last Massacre. In the end of 2012 Joel and Christoffer joined the band, so in 2013 we started to do some shows in Sweden. Fenriz (Darkthrone) got hold of our cassettes and we became one of the bands on his "Band Of The Week" and in the summer of 2013 a split 7" with Bombs Of Hades was released by Doomentia Records. Now the plans are to release a 7" and 12" on Phobia Records and to play the awesome festival Obscene Extreme 2014!!!


Release date Release name Media
2013 split with Bombs Of Hade EP, MC (TAPE)
2012 The Death MC (TAPE)
2012 The Last Massacre MC (TAPE)


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