KRÜGER Czech Republic

KRÜGER - Tomorrow's hell


Every year a young domestic grind, hardcore or crust band is given the opportunity to show their skills at OEF. In 2014 it will be no different. A few minutes of fame will be provided to Prague´s d-beat / crust commando Krüger, who grew up incredibly in the last two years. They toured Europe & released a few great recordings and their live sets kill.

Until now they have released two full seveninches and one split 7“EP. Let´s wait what they will come up with in 2014, but today it is almost certain that it will be a nice refreshment for the upcoming OEF 2014.


The band was founded in 2010 by Martin (drums), Feros (guitar) and Kryštof (bass). Originally, it was meant to be a continuation of another band which was at that time on a verge of breaking up. The first songs, which lay the base of the band Krüger, began to take shape during the very first practice. After a few practise sessions, Tudo started doing the vocals and Mája joined him shortly. In this configuration, the band started doing gigs in 2011. In the end of the year, Mája leaves the band and after some time of searching for a new singer, Blanka becomes our new member.

In the spring of 2012 we first visited a studio and we recorded our first EP Hand in Hand With Progress and also a split single with Los Rezios. In January 2013 we put together a DIY song for the tribute compilation UNDEAD – Tribute To Disrupt. A few months later we were back in the studio and our very own s/t EP was out in the summer. During the whole time the band is actively playing gigs both abroad and in the Czech Republic.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Distorted Minds In A Sick World - 4way split LP
2014 split s Knark EP
2013 split s Los Rezios EP
2013 V.A. – Undead – Tribute To Disrupt - Comp. CD
2013 s/t 7“ EP EP
2012 Ruku V Ruke S pokrokom EP


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