MASOCHIST - Toxic Sexualforce


Avert your eyes, Thailand's porno-flavoured brutal death perverts MASOCHIST are set to put the obscene into OBSCENE EXTREME.

Harsh vocals and vile lyrics since 2002, they've released splits with some of the sickest bands in the business, as well as covering IMPETIGO (twice!) and NASUM, but as their 2012 demo "Porno" proves, the best –and the nastiest –from these Bangkok butchers is yet to come...


MASOCHIST formed in the mid of 2002.

We'd like to create something about Masochistic Ultra Grindcore which mixed Kind of various Metal genes into our grinding assault as fuck!!!!!!!!! FAST and VIOLENCE is only our way of Sado-Exit and Maso-Existence!!!!!


SOMKIAT – Masolaryngeal Grindfreak (Vox)

PATIWAT - Sexualorgan Squasher (Guitars)

TWISH - Sadistik Sonik Torture (Bass/Vox)

SUNYALUXX - Obstinate Masturbator (Drums)


Release date Release name Media
2014 Siamese Masochistic Existence CD
2012 Porno DEMO
2010 A Tribute to NASUM - Compilation CD, LP
2009 Breeding the Sick Species - Split w/ Negation, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace, Extreme Decay, Cardiac Necropsy CD
2005 Kill for Orgasm DEMO
2005 A Tribute to Boneyard (IMPETIGO) - Comp. CD
2005 Two Perversities - Split CD


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