KADAVERFICKER - Shades of Decay


Beloved as much as hated in their homecountry Germany, KADAVERFICKER will blast Trutnov with their unique style they call Nekrokore. A raw and intense mixture of Crust, Grind, Death, Doom and Punk will be unleashed upon the circlepit.

After over 20 Years of existence, this will be the first time ever KADAVERFICKER invade the Czech Republic, so be warned and expect a unique show of sheer "Nekrotainment".


It all started back in 1993... Three Maniacs from the 7th Dimension gathered together nearby the Graves and Corpses in the cellar of Goreminister (a.k.a. Metzger Langner in the past). Together with Fäkalpapst (a.k.a. Johannes Paul der 2. In the past) and Splattergeneral (a.k.a. Toastbrot Schäfer in the past) they recorded the first Demo under the Name FUNERAL in Goreminister´s cellar-pit...It was called „All prayers are helpless“ and was sold about 10 times. What a bummer...

Later on in 1995 these three creatures changed their bandname to underline the real chaotic and destructive causes of their music into KADAVERFICKER and recorded the 2nd Strike called „Die Kadaverficker greifen an“ (roughly translated: „The Kadaverficker are attacking“)... They didn´t becamemore known and still lived in the shadows of the rotten underground... Then these three fuckers from outer space became more quit, to do other bands and projects before they got back on stage in 2000 with the Demotape „Gehirnpenetration“ (transl.: “Brainpenetration“)... This was the point of no return and those three darken zombies from Dortmund became more known in the scene and their unholy style of music called Nekrokore was finally born...

2001 the Tape called „Zyklische Katastrophen aus Fleisch“ (roughly transl.: Catastrophic periods made of flesh) followed and helped KADAVERFICKER to get more and more known in the Underground... Over 300 Tapes were sold or traded with this one... It was also the time, when mutant Splattergeneral left the band, so Fäkalpapst and Goreminister recorded this Tape on their own. Maybe it´s the most Noisy and disturbing Release so far... Now the assimilation of the humanity has begun and so the Split CDr with P.O.T. (PIONEER OF TSCHERNOBY) followed in late 2001. It was limited to 100 Copies and was sold out very quickly. It´s also the first Release, in which a new demon, called Spermanavigator, took part on the drums. Goreminister changed to the bassguitar and Fäkalpapst still strangulated the 6-String Torso... A new Line-Up was born after 8 Years of existence. It lasts until late 2005...

2002 followed the 4-Way Split CDr w/ PULMONARY FIBROSIS/TUMOUR and CYBER ANAL as well as the legendary Split Tape w/ CASTRADO CADAVER, which was sold over 350 Times until today... 2002 they also took part on the 6-Way CD w/M.D.K./TOTAL PENURIA/VOMIT-SEX/TUMOUR and C.V.I. and it received some real good responses from all over the world... Also some Sampler followed now... 2003, ten years after the „legendary“ FUNERAL cellar-sessions, it was time for the first 7“ called „NekroKore Theater“, a harsh experience in bloody, fucked up NekroKore... This Single was limited to 300 and was pressed in red Vinyl. In the Year of the 10th Anniversary different History-Tapes from different Labels were unleashed, such as the „Nekro Rules!“ Tape, released by SMELL THE STENCH REC. (AUSTRALIA), a History Tape released by MELOPHOBIA TAPES (USA) and the very Special „Nekropticum Perversum“ Tape from SPEEDRAWK REC. (MALAYSIA)... The 4-Way Split 7” of KADAVERFICKER, DYSMORFIC, EMBALMING THEATRE and JIGSORE was released in Feb. 2004 and is already sold out in autumn 2004…

After that, in Spring 2004, it was time to share the power with two Bands, the Fickerz were in contact with for a long time, so the Split 7” w/AGATHOCLES and the Split 7” w/UNHOLY GRAVE was released by the N:C:U in Cooperation with POWER-IT-UP Rec. After these Releases and several Tape Compilations the Fickers returned to their ultimate tomb of nothingness…remaining silent. Nearly 6 Years after the last Release the Fickers fought back merciless. Unfortunately Fäkalpapst and Spermanavigator didn´t survived the Cryo-Sleep in the Tomb of Nothingness, so only Goreminister woke up and had to form another Nekro-Strikeforce. After nearly 18 Years of Devastation with KADAVERFICKER a new Ghoul Horde has to be summoned. In 2011 three more Fickerz joined the band to complete the Line-Up. GrandMoff Ghoul took the 6-String Corpse, Corporal Cruel sat down behind the Battery and Admiral Aids crushes the Steelstrings on bass from now on.

In 2012 they released the first full-lengh CD called “Exploitation Nekronation” to crush the Underground again with the power of Nekro-Sickness. Also the first, big live-Show ever took place at the NRW DEATH FEST in September 2012. 2013 the Fickerz crushed Festivals like EXTREMEFEST and HOUTEN DEATHFEST and released a special Festival Split 7" with their brothers of HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL. Also the 4-Way Split CD with PULMONARY FIBROSIS, TASTE MY SMEGMA and BOWEL EVACUATION was unleashed. You see… KADAVERFICKER won´t stop! KADAVERFICKER will control the NekroKore and assimilate more wretched ghosts and lost souls for their ultimate Massacre, between Grind/Punk/Gore/ Sludge/Rock/Metal/Black, evil puke and vomit...


Release date Release name Media
2013 Live in Halle CD
2013 Haunted Houten - Promo CD
2012 Exploitation Nekronation CD
2011 The Fickers are back - Promo CD
2005 Nekro Over US MC (TAPE)
2004 Der Henker II CD
2004 Split w/AGATHOCLES EP
2004 Split w/UNHOLY GRAVE EP
2004 10 Years Nekropticum Perversum MC (TAPE)
2004 4-Way Split 7” w/EMBALMING T./JIGSORE/DYSMORFIC / 7” EP
2003 Zyklische Katastrophen aus Fleisch MC (TAPE)
2003 Nekro Rules History Tape MC (TAPE)
2003 NekroKore Theater EP
2001 Split w/P.O.T. CD
2001 Zyklische Katastrophen aus Fleisch MC (TAPE)
2000 Gehirnpenetration MC (TAPE)
1995 Die Kadaverficker greifen an MC (TAPE)
1993 All Prayers are helpless MC (TAPE)
1993 All Prayers are helpless MC (TAPE)
1993 All Prayers are helpless MC (TAPE)
1993 All Prayers are helpless MC (TAPE)
1993 All Prayers are helpless MC (TAPE)


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