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We are excited to announce one of the special comebacks onto the OEF's boards!!! The original Czech grindcore veterans TWISTED TRUTH!!! The squad founded on the ruins of the band Century Of Death in 1993 has sworn on a noisy grindcore since its beginnings and has greatly presented it on many stages of the underground map. They have also left the imprints of their demos and various splits and other recordings across the grindcore world. Let us recall the split with Brazil's ROT or the demo "You Makes Me and Cow" that is a true grind ride.

TWISTED TRUTH have also gone through a variety of line-up changes and break-ups. In their own words this special comeback onto the OEF's boards, where they will be for the third time in their career, will be their farewell!!! And if the guitarist still performs with a war paint, with a sock looped around the guitar neck hopping backwards on one leg during the cover of IMPETIGO like in 1998, then we have something to look for!!!


Twisted Truth were formed in 1993 from the ashes of a band called Century of Death that had played since 1986. After a few years of active playing, Twisted Truth came to a standstill, with the members starting families, building houses and bringing up their kids. After roughly a ten-year hiatus, it’s high time they showed the younger lads how to play true grindcore and they form again, with the strongest line-up they’ve ever had.

Following the tradition which had almost stopped ten years earlier, they also resurrect an infernal massacre, an event called Nóbl Mejdlo, featuring various bands of different styles of heavy music, from metal and core to punk. After many split recordings, their own demo tapes and seven inches, they record their latest 7’EP so far called The Pile of Scrawl, released under the Spanish label Crush the Silence in 2010. They have been working on a new material which should hopefully behold the darkness of this world next year…


Release date Release name Media
2015 Greenhorn Games
2012 The pile of scrawl EP
2008 Return of old people CD
2005 Cult of forest workers CD
2000 Dance with vakuum CD
1999 Rot / twisted truth - Split 7" EP, LP
1998 Tumour/twisted truth split MC (TAPE)
1998 Master of pub
1997 You makes me a cow?! DEMO
1997 Senseless/twisted truth split MC (TAPE)
1996 Social deformity/twisted truth split MC (TAPE)
1996 Delight from nothing DEMO
1994 Slaves of life DEMO
1994 Gorilla girl/twisted truth split MC (TAPE)


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