INHUME Netherland

INHUME - Cure For Life


What do Asphyx, Cliteater, Deströyer 666, God Dethroned, Legion Of The Damned, Mangled, Occult, Prostitute Disfigurement, Severe Torture and Sinister have in common besides being very great bands, each in their own style? They all have / are featuring Inhume members, past and present.

And what does Inhume stand for? Ultra (and when we say “ultra”, we really fuckin’ mean it!) brutal DeathMetal. Probably one of the most intense, heavy, brutal and crushing of the whole genre!

Leading the way in brutal Death Metal since 1994, the year 2014 marks their 20th anniversary and whatbetter way than kicking some nuts at Obscene Extreme!!!


Leading the way in brutal death/grind since 1994. INHUME started out as a 9 piece on the initial try-out but soon slinked down to a sextet setting out to conquer the world with unmatched brutality and grinding madness. With members and ex-members involved with other big names in today's metal scene INHUME to date is one of the biggest grind/death acts around.


Release date Release name Media
2010 Moulding the Deformed CD
2007 Slimewave Series Volume 6 - Comp. CD
2007 Chaos Dissection Order CD
2003 Dutch Assault - Comp. CD
2003 In for the Kill CD
2000 Decomposing from Inside CD
1997 Demo II - The Missing Limb DEMO
1997 Blood / Inhume - Split EP
1995 Demo I DEMO


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