Can you imagine a band that had the same wall of distortion, filth and dbeat intensity of Doom and Hiatus but back in 1982/1983? The answer is: EU'S ARSE. Italy had a lot of raging chaos-core hordes back in the first way of furious Hardcore (just think of Wretched, Uderage, Declino, early Negazione and so on) but those who really brougth the discharged formula into the italian sound and anticipated the crustcore mayhem that exploded all around years later, are the legendary Eu's Arse. They only left 2 ep's back then, but that was enough to inspire a whole generation of Noise/thrash mongers. Even Ratos De Porao included a cover of their "Servitù militari" on an album.

And now, they're back (actually, they reformed in 2003) with a devastating line-up all made of local HC veterans and original members, and what you can expect to see is a massive wall of ear splitting distortion, anguish filled screaming vocals and solid dbeat drumming. If the rawness of bands like Anti Cimex, Discard, Shitlickers, Rattus, Kaaos, Confuse, Kuro drives you crazy, then you must experience EU'S ARSE on the OEF stage!!!


Eu's Arse is a Hardcore Punk band formed in 1981 in Udine, North East of Italy. The band's name - shortcut for THE EUROPE'S ARSE - derives from the fact that Italy and Italians at the time were often pointed by other countries as "the ass of Europe". Their first period of activity belongs to the so called furious years of Italian Hardcore, from 1981 to 1985 they raged all over Italy sharing stages with bands like Disorder, Kaaos, Impact, Wretched, 5° Braccio and many more, and taking part to 1982's "Offensiva di primavera" festival at Milano's Virus, one of the first and most important Punk meetings that took place in Italy at the time. With their early line-up (consisting of Gian Luca "Killy" - bass, Stinky - drums, Totem - guitar and Steve - vocals) they recorded a debut 7 song EP called "Lo stato a bisogno di te? Bene, fottilo" ("The state needs you? Well, fuck it") in 1982 and a split 7" with IMPACT in 1983. Both these Ep's became absolute key-releases in early raw Punk/HC, being some of the first and better achieved efforts to reproduce a heavily Discharge-influenced sound in a rawer and utterly distorted way, becoming an often quoted source of inspiration of so called Crust/D-beat and Scandicore bands of the years to follow. Brazilian Hardcore/Thrash heavyweights RATOS DE PORAO have also included a devastating cover of the Eu's Arse anthem "Servitù militari" in their all covers album "Fejoada acidente". Eu's Arse went on hiatus in 1985, their last period of activity in the 80's had Bone (later in Upset Noise) on drums. They reformed back in 2003 keeping 3 members from the 80s line-up: Gian Luca - bass, Bone - drums, Steve (previously on vocals) - guitar and adding Richard of the long running anarco Punk band "Warfare" on vocals. With this line-up they went on for years playing shows all around and recording a full length LP/CD called "2008" having as special guests members from Toxical and Declino. In recent times, Steve has been replaced by Lorenzo "Tubo" from the sludge band Grime on guitar. Eu's Arse still stands as one of the most intense and representative outfits survived from Italy's 80s Punk/Hardcore scene and true pioneers of the most distorted D-beat Hardcore Punk that later forged a lot of noise/crust mongers that kept the flame burning.


Release date Release name Media
2014 complete discography 1981-1985 CD, LP
2008 2008 CD, LP
2006 Adesso come allora CD
2002 1981-1985 LP
1983 Questa è la loro speculazione di morte!" Split 7" with Impact EP
1982 Lo stato ha bisogno di te? Bene, fottilo EP


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