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HUMAN CULL - Only Ashes


Relatively young band called HUMAN CULL from the southwest part of England is one of the last bands to complete this year line-up. At Trutnov Battlefield they will present their brutal crust / grind steamroller influenced by the old school in the vein of Napalm Death, Terrorizer with a little bit of punk filth in the form of the influence of Doom and prowess of Swedish grind core squads like Nasum or Gadget.

They managed quite a lot regarding their recordings and gigs taking into account three years of existence. So, get ready for a high-quality, noisy air raid!!!


HUMAN CULL are a three piece crustgrind power trio from the South West of the UK. They formed in mid-2011 from the ashes of a previous act. The band’s sound is influenced by 80’s grindcore and crust bands such as Napalm Death, Doom, Fear of God, Discharge and Terrorizer as well as more recent acts such as Nasum, Gadget, Nuclear Death Terror and 324.

Since their formation in 2011, HUMAN CULL have toured with OBLIVIONIZED in both the UK in 2012 and Europe in 2014, visiting Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. They have also numerous short tours of the UK in the last couple of years.

In 2012 HUMAN CULL put out their debut min-album ‘Split Second Extinction’ to strong reviews. The year was ended with a split cassette with Canada mince-grinders Homolka which saw the band experimenting with a slower tempo. In the summer of 2013 came their split 7” ‘This Septic Isle’ with OBLIVIONIZED, which saw a return to the rapid tempos of their debut. The band put out a free digital EP at the beginning of 2014 and have just put the finishing touches on their new album, the absolutely face peeling ‘Stillborn Nation’. Taking the classic ’80s grind blueprint and incorporating elements of more contemporary grind, crust and death metal, Human Cull make the grind sound their own whilst retaining that rabid, acidic quality that made the genre sound so potent to begin with.


Release date Release name Media
2014 The Persecuting Society
2014 Stillborn Nation
2013 This Septic Isle - 7" split w/Oblivionized EP
2012 Split Second Extinction
2012 Split with Homolka MC (TAPE)


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