CLITGORE - The final cuntdown


These Romanian vampires will suck all of your blood from your bodies without using their teeth and biting your throat. This Transylvania's squad sucks from a totally different body parts (the name of the band says it all) using hard guitar riffs instead of their fangs, machine-gun drumming and vocals from the innermost part of the body pumping their uncompromising gore grind into your mortal remains during this ritual!

Returning to the crime scene, gentlemen and a lady from Dracula's province... CLITGORE!!!


Band members:
CALIN - guitar/ vox,
ELA - bass/ vox,
BALAZS - drums.

The band was founded in 2007 by Ela (ex Necrovile) and started performing live in October 2009.
The songs have a groovy guitar & bass sound, perfect combination with brutal growl/screaming voice & fast drums blastbeats.

Our guitarist, Calin is member of legendary death metal band Pestilence.( lead guitar)

Clitgore is a really active band in the international grindcore scene, playing more than 250 shows, 6 European Tours all over Europe and one US tour in 2018.
Also Clitgore is the first goregrind band who ever play in Nepal, in the City of Monkey Temple, Katmandu @ Nepal Deathfest.
Next year we will touring in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.

We participated in many grind extreme festivals like:
- Obscene Extreme CZ
- Fekal Party CZ
- Las Vegas Deathfest, US
- Nepal Deatfest, Nepal
- Rockstadt Extreme Fest RO
- PornoGoreGarri fest ES
- BrutoLogos ES
- Rape The Escape, AT
- Leucaemia Open Air CZ,
- Fast & Frightening fest AT
- Antitrend Party CZ
- Grind' N' Roll CZ
- Vastagos Fest ES
- Flesh Party SK
- Christmas Vomit Party SK
- Transylvanian Deathfest RO
and many more.

Also the band shared the stage with Extreme Noise Terror, Master, Disgorge, Lividity, At The Gates, Decrepit Birth, Rompeprop, Mucupurulent, Cliteater, Jesus Crost, Jig Ai, Spasm, Gutalax, Wormrot & many other cool bands.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Stories of a Bloody Clit DEMO
2015 Fuck Cancer - hc / grind / punk compilation
2015 Intestinal Purge 2
2014 Grind Your Mind
2014 The Final Cuntdown
2014 Intestinal Purge
2013 Menstrual Chunks Discorporated CD
2013 Solucias Extremas - Comp.
2012 Sex, Blood & Gore
2012 Sociopathic Mixtape
2012 Ladoscuro comp. (live in Salamanca)
2011 Tribute To Regurgitate CD
2011 Escape the enemies, Destroy the Existenz
2010 When Injustice Becomes Law - Resistence Becomes Duty - Comp.
2010 Stories Of A Bloody Clit EP
2009 Clitgore DEMO


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