GUTALAX Czech Republic

GUTALAX - Assmeralda


Do you like dancing? In that case gore grind GUTALAX are here for you. Come to have a dance in the moshpit, because this Czech band know very well how to pump it up on the stage.

The Shitty River boys will tour South America before our anniversary to improve their movements in the samba rhythm which they will then, in a brownish connection with their disco, release into your bodies.

Last time you could dance with them at Obscene Extreme in 2016 during their special GUTALAX TOI TOI SHOW. Since then the gentlemen have not departed from their belief that the dance heals and the poo is eternal!!!


Country of origin - Czech Republic

Location : Kremze ( South Bohemia )

Years active - 2009

Genre - goregrind

2011 Fekal party , Czech Death fest, AFOD fest, cz mini tour with Rectal Smegma, cz mini tour with Ass to Mouth

2012 Gutalax and Spasm - Fekal Gastro European tour ( Italy, Holland, Germany, Slovenia ) , OEF , Butchery fest ( Portugal )

2013 Gutalax Mexico tour, Brutal Assault, Party San open air, Extreme fest, Death feast...

2014 Russian mini tour, Balkan mini tour ( Hungary, Romania, Moldava )

Actual band members -

Martin MATY Matousek - vox

Tomas KOJAS Anderle - guitar

Mira KOHY Kohout -guitar

Petr FREE Svoboda - drums

Pavel KEBAB Troup - bass


Release date Release name Media
2017 DVD live at OEF 2014 DVD
2017 split with Spasm
2016 Stinking Collection
2015 Shit Happens
2013 SHIT EVOLUTION - 7" split with Haemorrhage EP
2009 split with Cannibe ,,TELECOCKIES"


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Ivan 25.01.2017 17:44

shit and pis gutalax rules.