DEHYDRATED is Siberian explosive mixture from expertly crafted brutality and fury of Death Metal blended with melody and complexity of progressive music as well as brutal extreme female vocal as cherry on top.

Each show of the band is overflowing with aggression, anger and unutterable energy that devours your soul and leaves empty, dehydrated husk!!!


For 5 years, the band has released two full-length albums, two EPs, 3 official videos. Took part in international festivals including METAL HEAD's MISSION (Ukraine), METAL CROWD (Belarus), PETROGRIND (St. Petersburg), METAL MAIDENS (Kaluga), Cieszanów Rock Festiwal 2013 (Poland). Staggering geography of Dehydrated tours includes whole Russia, CIS, Eastern Europe. Endorsement of Lepsky guitars, etc.

The band takes the beginning in 2008. Shards of disbanded Komitet Irina Sydenko(vox) and Eugeniy Zimin(bass) formed unholy alliance with ex-Apokefale Evgen Tzibulin (guitar). Thus the critical massexploded and took form of Dehydrated.

After EP “Suffering from Mumification” release the band focused on live performances. DEHYDRATED blasted tons of Siberian gigs, which led to headlining in Irkutsk 3-days-long METAL HAIL FEST side by side with guys from EXVENTER, APOKEFALE, WELICORUSS. In October 2009 first birthday was celebrated by going on promotional tour SCREAM of TERROR tour 2009. Thus supporting EP they visited European Russia, most of cities were visited side by side with French grind maestros PULMONARY FIBROSIS и BAPTIZED IN VAGINAL LIQUID. Tour was crowned with utterly successful show at PETROGRIND – 6(St. Peterburg) that action also entwined INHUMATE, TORSOFUCK, GRIND CRUSHER, TREMOR, SEPTYCOPIEMIA and others. November 2010 was marked with signing to MORE HATE Productions and thus the first full-length album Duality of Existence was released. First part of support tour took place in Siberia while second phase DEHYDRATED visited Ukraine and southern part of Russia. During tour they played gig at METAL HEAD' s MISSION 2011. Evgen Tsibulin became endorser of Lepsky Guitars on arrival home. October 2011 the band bestowed fans with first music video Alive Underground, two months later they issued second EP Mind Extract that included 5 songs. Next tour was finished with playing at «Metal Maidens»

Summer 2012 was dedicated to recording second full-length album ZONE beneath the SKIN that was released under HEADXPLODE Record in 29th September. Halved support tour included visiting Russian Far East, Siberia, European Russia and Ukraine. Early January of 2013 DEHYDRATED granted fans second music video WEREWOLF. 2013 was even more productive, the band turned 5 years, the band started “5 Years Anniversary Tour” , that took place in Russia and ended with great final show in the hometown. Another tour timed to jubilee was called Anniversary winter tour 2013, series of gigs took place in 17 cities, 8 countries(Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia). Aside from touring Dehydrated managed to produce 3rd official video for a song from 2nd album “Thirst of Dose”, it was release in spring 2014.

Current state of band is writing new material.


Release date Release name Media
2012 ZONE beneath the SKIN CD
2011 Mind Extract EP
2010 Duality of Existence CD
2009 Suffering From Mummification EP


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