Do you like complexed guitar riffs, original rhythmic figures and stunningly technical solos? Well, sorry, ain't gonna happen here...Polish Ojciec Dyktator is simple, catchy and brutal grindcore filled with blastbeats, growls, screams and noisy guitars.

If you want something fucking brutal and you have some sense of humour, theres a possibility that our musical effusions will please you. Started in 2006, still delivering blastbeats for the sick.


OJCIEC DYKTATOR was formed in 2005 or 2006 (none of the members remember the exact date, due to huge amounts of alcohol) by Orlando (g), Misiek(bg) and Pompon (dr, ex-Garotter), shortly after joined by Lunatyk (g) and Ojciec (voc. - nickname totally co-incidental), to deliver guitar noise accompanied by blastbeats and guttural screams of decay. After a numerous rehs, gigs and parties, OxDx released it's first CD „Heresy is Fun” on Thai BRUTE! Prods. In 2010, due to severe health issues, Pompon decided to leave the band, Misiek switched to drums, and Pyra (bg, ex-Vomigod) joined the band. Year later, Misiek and Lunatyk decided to leave, and blastbeat commander Piotruś (Preludium) joined the OxDx board, to fulfill it's up-to date lineup. Recorded in the fall of 2012 „666cm” CD was released year later by EveryDayHate. In a meantime, during one reh, 5 trax in total of 4mins. was recorded live and released as a split tape with yet-dead Neuropathia under the name of „Scum 2” by Instant Classic.

OxDx shared the stages with: Agathocles, The Arson Project, Wormrot, SDC, Zubrowska, Infest (fra) andMalignant Tumour, among others. Members could be also heard in: Belzebong (doom), Bottom (hc), Preludium(brutal death) and Dishell (d-beat).


Release date Release name Media
2013 Scum 2 - split with Neuropathia MC (TAPE)
2013 666cm CD
2013 666cm CD
2009 Heresy is Fun CD


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