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Novodur, Armavir, Telex. A brief evolution of the names of this cult local band. One of the first to produce an aggressive hardcore as for local standards in the late 80's. Despite just a few recordings there cannot be a punk, a metalist or a hardcore guy not knowing their funny and simple lyrics (though still making sense). In 1984, under the name of Novodur, their gig was dispersed by SNB (state security service of that time) and their activity banned. In 1986 they returned as Armavir and their activity was banned again.

A few months later they restarted their activity as TELEX this time. Their debut recording titled " Řeznickej krám " („Butcher's shop“) was released in 1989. Now in 2019 30 years after the release of this iconic record, a special line-up with the members of the group Delikvence & TELEX's singer Karel Bouša will play a special set containing the biggest hits of TELEX! Pogo!!!


The band Telex, originally called Novodur, played cover versions of punk rock songs throughout the Czech countryside. In 1984, however, their gig was dispersed by the members of the SNB (state security service of that time) and the band banned. In 1986 the band was again formed under the name Armavir but the band's activity was soon also forbidden. A few months later the band emerged for the third time, now under the name Telex. Their musical style was much harder than that of the previous bands. It was not punk rock any more but rather hardcore. In 1989 the band released their first MC - demo entitled "Butcher`s shop". After this demo and a big concert activity, however, three members separated from the band and formed a harsh hardcore act called L.D.Totenkopf.

"New Telex"

In 1996 the entire original line-up reunited and recorded a CD titled "Punk Radio" containing most of the songs from the MC "Řeznický krám" in a different version. After several gigs, however, the band ceased their activities again and returned back in 2002 only. Following an infrequent gigging the band called it a day in 2005. Since 2012, however, the band plays some gigs occasionally again. Karel Bouša is currently active in Prague`s band Carlos and His Coyotes.


Release date Release name Media
2005 Punk Rádio
1989 Řeznickej krám


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