This relatively small country produces a variety of grind/fastcore/crust/death acts to a quite large extent. We assume you can for sure name more than three squads hailing from the Netherlands in a wink. That is why you are not going to be surprised that SUFFERING QUOTA will also perform at the upcoming Obscene Extreme Festival in 2019. A very interesting pack producing an uncompromising, fast, aggressive grind with a bit of crust.

The members of the band went through the acts such as The Last Mile, Grinding Halt, Entrapment or Fleas and Lice. Also, not many bands can recently boast about the artwork for their releases to be taken care of by Marald himself. It means July, Trutnov, we are making a note in the calendar!!!


SUFFERING QUOTA is a grindcore band from Groningen, The Netherlands, mixing elements of crust, punk and death metal into their sound.

Line-up changes on bass and vocals is part of the reason that made their sound so eclectic, yet they managed to remain a solid live act through the years.

With a consistent line-up for over 2 years, they released a split with My Minds Mine in 2017 and are ready to drop their next effort, sophomore album 'Life in Disgust' and crushing stages with their highly energetic, intense live performances.

There will be no warning, there will only be damage.


SUFFERING QUOTA is releasing their sophomore album titled 'Life In Disgust' through Loner Cult Records, Dawnbreed Records, Mono Canibal Records and 7Degrees Records on vinyl and on cassette through Tartarus Records. The release contains an expansion on their blistering grindcore sound, seeking influences beyond and creating a rattling, crushing force that will not only go beyond the beaten path, but deconstruct it all the way through.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Life in Disgust – TBA (2018) – 12” Vinyl/Cassette/Digital LP
2017 Split with My Minds Mine - 2017 – 7” Vinyl/Digital LP
2014 Suffering Quota – 2014 – 12” Vinyl/Cassette/Digital LP
2012 Split with Grinding Halt – 2012 – 7” Vinyl/Digital LP
2011 Demo 2011 – 2011 – Cassette DEMO


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