CRUEL FACE - Miseria e Desgraca


Who wouldn't know the Brazilian veterans Rot? But do you also know the side projects of the individual members? No? Then be informed that a slashing crust/grind assault named CRUEL FACE is one of them. The project which was created as early as in 1996 to disband after recording and releasing several great releases in 2000 has announced a comeback in 2012.

Filthy and harsh ride as only the South American horde can deliver! A new line-up, new songs and even more aggression at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2019!!!


Band from Santo André (São Paulo), Brazil. Starts its activities in 1996 like a duo, Alexandre from Rot (guitar/vocal) and Marcão from Ação Direta (drums). In that time we recorded: One split LP w/ Death Slam from Brasilia released by the veteran Rotthenness Records and the brand new Bucho Discos from Alexandre. One EP released by Sin Fronteras. One split EP w/ Dudman from Japan released in the USA by Rhetoric Records.

In 1998 Edu (Nitromind's drummer that time) joined the band but playing guitar, then Alexandre started playing bass. They made some gigs in 8 diferent cities around the country, and recorded a split cassette w/ FDS from São Bernardo, in São Paulo. It was also recorded a split EP w/ Entrails Massacre from Germany released by Bucho Discos, Absurd and Tower Violence Records, in Germany. And a split 10" w/ Subcut from Presidente Prudente released by Panoptic Vision, Scotland.

In 2000 the band ended its activities. In 2004 was released by Terroten Records, Bucho Discos and No Fashion Records a discography CD with 5 new songs recorded by Alexandre and Marcão.

In 2012 the band returned and changed line up. Now with Alexandre guitar/vocal, Edu drums, and Lalo (former Nitrominds) bass. We started playing old songs and making new ones. Then recorded the virtual album "Smash, Kill and Erase", that was also released 45 copies in cassette by our friend from Chile, Luis, that have a one man band called Misa Histérica. After that the band started playing a lot all over the country. It was released some stuff that time: One split EP w/ Disturbance Project from Madrid with many labels involved. One split EP w/ X-torsion from Barcelona also with many labels from Brazil and Europe involved.

The discography CD from 2004 was released in cassette format. One split cassette w/ Matka Teresa from Netherlands released by Grind Father Productions from Wales. One split cassette from a live concert w/ Agathocles from Belgium in São Paulo released by Contra Boots. One split EP w/ Guro from Londrina with many labels involved. One split cassette w/ Giallos from Santo André.

The line up changed in the end of 2017. Lalo left the band and Diego is playing bass since then.

Band's line up:
Alexandre (guitar/vocal) plays bass in Rot. Bucho Discos owner. Underground events producer and promoter. Made some tours in Brazil with Agathocles, Mob47, Rovsvett, Intestinal Disease, Entrails Massacre, Wojczech.

Edu (drums) plays in metal bands like Voodoopriest and Anthares. Former Nitrominds, former Musica Diablo (band of which was the frontman of SEPULTURA, Derrick Green).

Diego (bass) plays in Anticlimax, former Social Chaos. Events producer.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Split 7" w/ Guro
2018 Split cassette w/ Giallos
2017 Split cassette com Matka Teresa
2015 Split 7” w/ Disturbance Project
2015 Split 7” w/ X-torsion
2013 Digital and cassette Smash, Kill and Erase
2013 Split cassette w/ Agathocles
2004 Discography CD and cassette discography CD
2000 Split 10” w/ Subcut
2000 Split live cassette w/ FDS
1999 Split EP 7” w/ Entrails Massacre
1998 Split EP 7” w/ Dudman EP
1997 Split LP w/ Death Slam LP
1997 7” EP – Who has the right to starve a nation EP


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