Sitting on a chair, surrounded by a heap of amps, speakers, massacring us with beastly grindcore art!!! This one-man madness called MR MARCAILLE will be there at the boards of the OEF 2019 for you to see it first-hand!!! Grinding violoncellist with two drum pedals, MR MARCAILLE, masterly blends the elements of classical music with a total extreme of deep and true underground!!! An extreme which is authentic, pure, sweaty, naked to the bone!!!

This one-man project coming from North of France has been around for about 10 years and after having played in all the corners of this dirty world we are glad to invite him to the OEF 2019 to show us where boundaries of the musical extreme can be pushed!!! MR MARCAILLE is a pure grinding filth and the life in it!!!


Perched upon a stool, flanked by amps and speakers, he batters the holy hell out of two kick drums while jamming on a cello and screaming into his microphone. That's the work of three people executed by one man in a pair of rather short shorts… (Metal Hammer)

Originaly born in the north of french country, his learning of Cello conduced to an original approach of the instrument, mixing the classical way of playing with the rock’n’roll spirit, building as a unique and very personal style, loud and proud, it’s a one man’s band called « Mr Marcaille ».

During the last 10 years, Mr Marcaille played a lot of venues, from UK to Russia, from underground scene as well as big festivals.


Release date Release name Media
2017 Heavy Freak Cello, CD digipack version of Kill ! Kill ! Kill! 2017 CD
2015 Kill ! Kill ! Kill ! Vinyl LP, first release 2013, second edition 2015 LP
2009 Mr Marcaille Live Hell 2009 cd-r / silkscreen beer coaster sleeve CD
0 Boum Coeur Records II - V.A. one minute songs 7' vinyl included "The Wall of Death"
0 Mr Marcaille / Batalj Split record 7'vinyl Hans Trapp 01
0 7' V.A. 41 bands


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