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Here, there is both the first band for Wednesday's PUNK AS FUCK FEST and one of the headliners straight away !!! Britain's legends of the style called UK82!!! Nobody less than four aged punks calling themselves GBH!!! It's going to be one of the oldest bands that has ever played at OEF since their origins date back to 1978 when many of you were not even born. They started under the name Charged GBH to shorten it after a few years to clear and striking GBH - grievous bodily harm – the original bass player Sean McCarthy was charged with.

Since their inception, GBH have been playing concerts heavily all over the world having released a lot of recordings most of which deserve to be called "legendary". We are thrilled we have managed to have these punk rats at the Battlefield in Trutnov to test their dirty punk "grievous bodily harm" on you!!! GBH at OEF!!!


Charged GBH embarked on several English and mainland US tours during the early 1980s, including several gigs at the 100 Club. 1982 saw the release of GBH's first LP, City Baby Attacked By Rats which reached number 17 in the UK charts as well as Number 2 in the respected UK Indie charts where the bands singles had also taken up residence, leading to a memorable appearance on legendary UK TV programme "The Tube" doing "Give Me Fire" (UK Indie chart no 2). Lyrically, the album dealt with criticism of British and European culture, violence, morbidity (especially in reference to the song "Passenger On The Menu", which describes in graphic detail the experiences of the passengers on the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571), atheism, nihilism and humour. Musically, the album was loud and fast, with few songs exceeding three minutes. The success of the first album was repeated with second LP "City Baby's Revenge" in 1983 and saw more extensive touring in America and Europe and higher profile UK shows including the Carlisle Punk festival which they co headlined with fellow UK82 stalwarts The Exploited, and also featured the likes of Toy Dolls, Chelsea and The Destructors.

In 1984 the band dropped the "Charged" from their name and became just GBH (grievous bodily harm) .[5] Throughout their recording history it has become a tradition to include a cover version on many of the Albums. Boston Babies - Slaughter and The Dogs (City Baby Attacked By Rats), I Feel Alright - The Damned / The Stooges (City Baby's Revenge), Avenues and Alleyways - Tony Christie (No Need To Panic), Needle In A Haystack - The Velvelettes (A Fridge Too Far), Destroy - The Vibrators (From Here To Reality), I Need Energy - Zero Boys (Church of The Truly Warped).

They and many of their UK82 peers such as The Exploited, Picture Frame Seduction, Discharge, and The Varukers have all enjoyed resounding success among street punks in the USA. Although many of their contemporaries have evolved towards other styles over the years, GBH have remained fairly faithful to their original UK82 sound in subsequent releases. However, the band have experimented to some degree with a more speed metal-inflected sound, notably with their 1992 release Church of the Truly Warped, although they have since returned to a more purist punk sound. The band is still active and touring and maintain a strong following both in England and the rest of Europe, as well as in the United States and Japan. The band released their twelfth studio album, "Momentum", on Hellcat Records in 2017.

Current band members:

Colin Abrahall - vocals 1978–present
Colin "Jock" Blyth - guitar 1978–present
Ross Lomas - bass 1978–present
Scott Preece - drums 1994–present


Release date Release name Media
2017 Momentum Hellcat
2016 City Baby Attacked By Rats (includes DVD) Secret Records
2016 City Baby Attacked By Rats (includes CD)
2015 Live At The Ace Brixton 1983 Radiation Reissues
2014 Dover Showplace 1983 Cleopatra
2010 Perfume and Piss Hellcat
2006 Charged: On Stage DVD
2005 G.B.H. Live in LA/Live at Victoria DVD
2004 Cruel and Unusual Idol
2004 Kawasaki Live/Brit Boys Attacked by Brats DVD
2003 Live at the Ace, Brixton DVD
2002 Ha Ha Go Kart
2001 Punk Rock Ambulance Billyclub Idol SPLIT
1998 Punk As Fuck Billyclub Idol SPLIT
1996 Punk Junkies We Bite (later reissued by Captain Oi!)
1996 Celebrity Live Style (later released as Live In Los Angeles on Anagram) Cleopatra
1996 Live in L.A. 1988 DVD
1995 Kawasaki Live DVD
1993 Live In Japan Anagram
1992 Church of the Truly Warped Rough Justice (later reissued by Captain Oi!)
1990 From Here To Reality Rough Justice (later reissued by Captain Oi!)
1989 A Fridge Too Far Rough Justice (later reissued by Captain Oi!)
1989 No Survivors Clay
1988 Wot A Bargain Rough Justice EP
1988 No Survivors Clay EP
1987 Midnight
1986 Midnight Madness and Beyond Rough Justice (later reissued by Captain Oi!)
1986 Oh No, It's GBH Again Rough Justice EP
1984 Do What You Do Clay EP
1984 Do What You Do Clay EP
1983 City Babys Revenge Clay
1983 atch 23 / Hellhole Clay EP
1983 ive At Victoria Hall, Hanley
1982 City Baby Attacked By Rats Clay
1982 Sick Boy Clay EP
1982 Give Me Fire / Man Trap Clay EP
1981 Leather, Bristles, Studs, And Acne Clay
1980 1980 Demo DEMO
1980 Practice 1980


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