Raw crust/punk from Chile that left such a strong impression in the Czech scene during their European tour in 2016 that a split LP with a local hardcore band Conquestio is in preparation.

And that is why, as a promotion, nothing is more convenient than their live show at the Obscene Extreme Festival in 2019! South American crust/punk tornado, SOBRAS DEL DESCONTENTO!!!


We played since 2005 some Latin Crust Punk Self-Managed, furious and fast, positioned from resistance and the attack against the capital and its atomization.

We started playing the year 2005 at school, all friends with musical affinities and politics, we are still the same except the drummer who joined the 2016, releasing a trial recording with "Nacidxs del fuego", DIY.

The year 2008 we released the first LP "Cuando la destrucción lo es todo, los sueños personales no son nada" DIY.

In 2010 we traveled through Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, in the "No te rindas tour". along with the launch of a Split with the band from Brazil B.I.T.C.H.

Then in 2012 we put together a split with a friend band "Hoy es el día".

In 2016 we launched the first original studio album "Desierto", being co-edited by several independent labels from different countries.
The same year we traveled in the "Euro tour", 26 concerts visiting countries such as France, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, among others.

So the year 2018 we are preparing a split with Conquestio from Czech Republic, and a new tour of Europe for the summer of 2019.


Release date Release name Media
2019 Split with Conquestio Split (In process) (LP/TAPE) LP
2016 Desierto (Cd/ Tape) CD
2010 Split with Hoy es el Día (CD) CD
2009 Split with B.I.T.C.H (CD) CD
2008 Cuando la destrucción lo es todo, los sueños personales no son nada (LP) LP
2005 Split W Nacidxs del fuego (CD CD


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