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One of the last bands announced for the Wednesday's OEF Punk as Fuck Fest is no less than the long-time warriors for a better life for everybody, a great punk squadron of OI POLLOI!!! Formed in 1981 at the time of deep Thatcherism and the start of the second wave of the English punk movement. In the beginning OI POLLOI played harsh oi punk to refine their music into a great anarcho punk mosh later.

OI POLLOI are known for their uncompromising stance towards the ruling establishment and their motto " No Compromise in Defence of Our Earth" is well-known!!! Their extensive discography and awesome live gigs all over the world are a great invitation for a punk pogo in front of the OEF 2019 stage!!! The punk fight does not end!!!


Formed amidst the ruins of riot-torn early 1980s Thatcher’s Britain, Scottish anarchopunk activists Oi Polloi have since honed their musical assault on the system through dozens of releases on underground DIY  record labels and more than 3 decades of constant touring amongst the squats, free festivals and autonomous youth centres of Europe and North America.

Renowned for their energetic and humorous live performances with their unique blend of singalong antifascist Oi and raging D-beat mixed with no-holds-barred ultra-heavy street crust, Oi Polloi are also remarkable for being the first punk band ever to release a full-length LP completely in Scottish Gaelic and for singing much of their set in their indigenous Celtic language.

If you’re looking for an uncompromising progressive political message combined with no-nonsense hard-hitting punk and a good-time party atmosphere then an Oi Polloi show is the place to find it!


Release date Release name Media
2018 Donald Trump Fuck You LP
2017 onald Trump Fuck You/UK 2017 7” Single
2016 Saorsa LP
2012 Dùisg! LP
2010 SS Politician CD
2008 Total Resistance To The Fucking System LP
2007 Mind The Bollocks EP
2006 Ar Ceòl, Ar Cànan, Ar-a-mach LP
2003 Carson? EP
1999 Fuaim Catha LP
1999 Let The Boots Do The Talking EP
1998 THC EP
1996 Total Anarchoi LP
1994 Fight Back! LP
1994 Oi Polloi EP
1993 Guilty EP
1991 Omnicide EP
1990 In Defence Of Our Earth LP
1988 Outrage EP
1987 Unite And Win! LP
1986 Resist The Atomic Menace EP


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