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N.V.Ú. Czech Republic

N.V.Ú. - Punkrock žije dál


They were one of the first and they are still around!!! The Czech longstanding stars of punk ferocity will be given their honourable place in Wednesday's  PUNK AS FUCK Fest!!! Who else could it be than the East Bohemian bards of N.V.Ú. with their roots in 1986 when they originated from the punk band Adapter. Since then there has been a lot of water under the bridge, a lot of recordings recorded, loads of gigs played and a gazillion of booze drunk but N.V.Ú. have not changed. It is still a great and fierce pogo punk in the best tradition of the style pushing boundaries for decades and proclaiming human freedom!!!

N.V.Ú. are big fans of the Obscene Extreme Festival and it was them who recommended the Battlefield as a great vanue. That is why the OEF has become what it is also thanks to them!!! Not just because of this but mainly thanks to our big friendship we are glad to welcome them onto the OEF's boards and to start a pogo dance to Tři Kříže (Three Crosses) for instance!!!



Release date Release name Media
2009 Nikdy nebo navždy
2004 Vzorek bez ceny
2000 Z řady
1998 Čáry máry fuck
1997 The Five Anti-Beatles Songs
1996 A v noci je tma…
1996 Živák
1994 14 dní
1991 Tak jsme došli…
1990 Obchází mě dokola
1988 …že je magor


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