MAKKMAT - Korinterbrevet


Young Norwegian grind core blood! MAKKMAT will definitely delight you with their old school grindcore! Harshness, speed and brutality! This is going to be a staggering debut. We could not wish for anything better than their first recording which is an album called "Beina Brenner" to be released at EveryDayHate Records and Lukket Avdeling Records at about the time of OEF 2019!

Not only the well-known faces and bands are welcome in Trutnov but also the lesser-known and new extreme squads can grab their chance!!!


In trenches of grind, death metal and crust we melt. Survive the onslaught of screaming tornadoes and guitars under metallic siege. Cops are burning, gore is fun, and toxic religion evaporates your brain. 


Release date Release name Media
2019 Beina Brenner 2019 12” Vinyl / Tape Cassette / CD - Everyday Hate Records + Lukket Avdeling CD, LP


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