HOW LONG? Czech Republic

HOW LONG? - Život je Horror


Another band for the boards of OEF 2019 is an international Czech/Polish squad HOW LONG?!!! Created as early as in 1994 they will deliver an energetic and dirty crust core and d-beat making us to mosh and stage dive heavily!!! HOW LONG? is one of the long-lasting acts in the Czech scene with many gigs under their belt. Despite a rather long break splitting in 2001, the boys reunited back in 2008 and have since recorded and released very successful recordings such as a split album with Kulma, Ostrava and other recordings.

HOW LONG? in a six-member line-up with two singers remind us of crust style pioneers such as Disrupt or Extreme Noise Terror. We are pleased to bring you the true Silesian crust hell to the OEF for the first time!!!



Release date Release name Media
2019 SPLIT 12“ EP se Zatrata EP
2016 SPLIT EP se Slavery EP
2013 SPLIT LP s Külma LP
2010 SPLIT LP s Roxor LP
1997 SPLIT EP s Unarmed EP


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