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Yes, once again a band from Latin America!!! Well never get enough the pissed-off tones of the music the musicians from these regions know to produce so well!!! It's no wonder as the guys from Venezeula's band MAR DE DE RABIA live most of their lives under the state dictatorship which is something we still remember very well here in Czechia. MAR DE RABIA come from the town of Maracaibo, nicknamed "Satan's kitchen", and was formed in 2015 when two members of Venezuela's legendary punk combo, Doňa Maldad, joined with two metalists creating a totally raging band in this era fulfilling the legacy of Orwell's novels!!!

MAR DE RABIA have two EP recordings full of pissed-off and furious punk metal under their belt so far transferring superbly their fury onto the stage. They will convince you about it 100% on the boards of Wednesday's OEF PUNK AS FUCK FEST 2019 !!! Venezuelan tsunami  coming!!!


Mar de Rabia is a project born at the beginning of 2015 in Maracaibo, Venezuela. In a city also known as “Satan´s kitchen”, two members of the legendary punk band Doña Maldad (Venezuela) with two metalheads, started this tsunami of Punk / Hardcore / Thrash, styles that mix furiously in their songs.

In 2016, MDR released their first EP called “La destrucción inminente”. From this EP the band released two video clips, "Cuando se den cuenta" and "Mutuo acuerdo". The band actually is part of the largest wave of migration in the Latin American continent due to the military dictatorship. In a country that fully complies the world order its with oil and minerals destroying their own environment, Mar de Rabia is full of lirycs that the dictatorship doesnt want to hear.

This year the band released its second EP "La Infección Cultural" . It contains three furious tracks contextualized with an Intro / Outro that describes what it is to live in the flesh of the Orwell era. In the summer of 2019, "The tsunami of the full and excessive curse" will be on tour in Europe destroying everything. See you at Obscene Extreme Fest!


Release date Release name Media
2018 La infección cultural EP
2016 La destrucción inminente EP


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