FORWARD - Apathy Kills People


Members of legendary Japanese Hardcore acts such as Insane Youth, Rustler and above all Death Side joined forces back in the mid '90s to keep the Burning Spirits flag alive and strong with their assaulting HC/Punk reincarnation called FORWARD. If you enjoyed the incendiary show that the mighty Death Side delivered at OEF in 2016, get ready to be squashed to the ground again by this ominous force, once again led by the charismatic frontman Ishiya and his vitriolic voice.

Introducing their new killer album "Future troops", welcome the pummelling energy of Tokyo's Hardcore dragons FORWARD at the Obscene Extreme!!!


Long-running Japanese hardcore punk band with members of Death side, Insane Youth and Rustler and has been playing assaulting Hardcore and gotten the most mileage out of the Burning Spirits Sound since 1996.

Line-up is:
Ishiya - vocals
You - bass
Souichi - guitar
Akiyama - drums


Release date Release name Media
0 Act Then Decide EP
0 Feel The Core of Self EP
0 While You Alive CD, LP
0 What Are You Gonna Get? EP
0 V.A Hardcore Ball 4 CD
0 Just Go Forward To Death CD, LP
0 We Need The Truth CD
0 Fucked Up CD, LP
0 Burn Down The Corrupted Justice CD, LP
0 Singles Collection CD, LP
0 Devil's Cradle EP
0 War Nuke And Death Sentence CD, LP
0 split EP w/ Teargas
0 split EP w/ Long Knife
0 Flexi
0 Against Their Insanity CD, LP
0 V.A Motorhead Tribute CD
0 Another Dimension EP
0 Apathy Kills People EP
0 Future Troops CD, LP


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