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A truly legendary and cult band. There is no other way the American SIEGE can be actually called! In spite of a not very numerous discography including their debut album "Drop Dead", their three-track contribution to an iconic compilation "Cleanse The Bacteria" and a 7"EP "Lost Session 91" (plus a complete discography about 20 years later on vinyl) this band has influenced several succeeding generations of both grindcore and hardcore bands. The origins of SIEGE date back to about 1983 to Weymouth (Massachusetts) when the founding members, Kurt Habelt and Rob Williams (with their first singer Kevin Mahoney), decided to start playing harder and faster than most of their companions thus attracting the entire local Boston scene. Following their appearance on Pushead's compilation "Cleanse The Bacteria" their production reached also the ears of the world's  audience.

Their aggressive and filthy hardcore/punk approach, along with the anti-war and socially critical lyrics, has appealed to thousands of fans since then and made SIEGE pioneers or forefathers of grindcore in the USA. After the breakup in the early 90's, there was a brief reunion with controversial Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt on the mic. It was a short-lived reunion. The real reunion took place officially in 2016. At the moment, the current line-up has been reinforced by Ben Barnett (Dropdead). With two guitars, they will also appear live at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2019! "Break Down The Walls!!!"


1983 - 4 teenagers in a church cellar jamming space in their suburban mill town of Weymouth, Massachusetts USA first create the hellish, anti-establishment dissonance now known as SIEGE, and in the process hammer home one of the key cornerstones in the initial development of our beloved Grindcore genre.

Their ‘Drop Dead’ cassette upped the intensity of their Boston Hardcore Punk predecessors with a more unleashed harshness and aggression, fueled by their raging non-conformist and anti-war lyrical statement. The now-legendary 3 tracks on artist Pushead’s ‘Cleanse The Bacteria’ compilation lp cemented their place in the hearts of tape-trading and extreme music-worshipping freaks worldwide.

Original SIEGE songwriting team Kurt Habelt (guitarist) and Rob Williams (drummer/lyricist) have outlived subsequent side projects as well as two singers (original vocalist Screamin’ Kev Mahoney and his replacement - the now infamous Seth Putnam from Anal Cunt - both passed away in 2011), but these elder statesmen of Grindcore re-grouped for explosive special events starting in 2016 - all leading up to this, the ultimate celebration of SIEGE’s legacy and music here at Obscene Extreme 2019! Joined by seasoned Grind veteran Ben Barnett (from Providence Rhode Island’s Dropdead), this 2-guitar SIEGE attack pummels through their now-timeless classics in a world where their message is more needed than ever: “Break Down The Walls!”


Release date Release name Media
2014 "Lost Session '91" (2014) - 7", PATAC Records
1985 'Cleanse The Bacteria' compilation lp tracks (1985) - Pusmort label
1984 'Drop Dead' (1984) - cassette, self-released


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