Do you want to see Suicidal Tendencies again when they were young? Do you want to hear D.R.I. when they were full of energy? Do you want to see M.O.D. when they were brimming with easiness and humor??? No need to travel back in time. Just check out Hungary's CRIPPLED FOX!!!

The true and only thrashcore is back!!! Energy, fun, easiness, DIY. Do not miss it. This will smash you to pieces and make old tharshcore maniacs cry. Put on your bandanas, turn your caps backwards and start to pogo!!!


Formed in late 2008. the Fox hailing from Budapest, Hungary, playing thrashcore/fastcore music. After releasing their frist demo and CD in 2009. the band gained international attention and went on touring.

Since then the band released several albums and split records, appeared on many compilations, toured all around Europe, U.K., 2-3 times every year, recently in Brazil and attented many festivals too. The band went through quite a lot line up changes, but they are keep going on.

Crippled Fox is well known for their funny and energetic shows bringin the thrash mosh, Venice Beach vibe, flannels, bandanas and D.I.Y. attitude.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Split with Satanic Youth 7" EP
2018 10 Years Of Thrashing 7" EP
2017 Thrashcore is Back 7" EP
2015 The Final Thrash 12" LP
2015 Let's Thrash compilation tape
2014 More Fun!! More Thrash!! 12" LP
2014 Split with Biting Socks 12" LP
2013 Split with The Shining 7" EP
2013 Split with xSaxonx Tape
2011 Split with GxFxTx 7" EP
2011 Split with Lei Do Cao 7" EP
2011 Split with Bob Rooney CD
2011 Throw Up a V That Stands For Venice promo 7" EP
2011 Throw Up a V That Stands For Venice 12" LP
2010 Tribute To Tony Soprano split with Step On It, CD, Tape & 7" EP
2010 International Thrash Party - 8 Way split CD
2009 Demo tape DEMO
2009 If I Lived In Venice Beach CD


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