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Another act for the OEF, the true harbingers of evil and suffering, creeping out from the dark panels of Bratislava's ghettos, ADACTA from Slovakia!!! In 2000 high school friends bored with simple and insufficiently aggressive punk rock met and grabbed the instruments to create the band ADACTA!!! A mix of the Swedish crust school with the intensity of British old school death metal is what they are at home in and we can just wonder how good they are!

The guys have gone through a number of line-up changes, toured Russia or Brazil apart from Europe for example and released four albums to date with a split album with Brazil's legend Skarnio and Russia's Antimelodix that is about to be put out soon! We can be sure the guys to play some tunes from these vinyls in the pantheon of the OEF 2019!!! AMEN!!!


ADACTA was formed in year 2000 by a bunch of highschool attending douchebags that got tired of punk rock tunes of their previous musical endeavors. It was time to step up the game by adding metallic riffs and upping the velocity. And fuck melodies in singing too. Hardcore crust was what it was all about. Band becomes female fronted with Simona joining after few rehearsals. Her screams melted everyones' faces off. So blame her for our looks. Kubo, then drummer of Slovakian punk powerhouse Davová Psychóza joined the band in 2001 replacing Erik who was constantly loosing battles with drum fills, often times hitting himself in the face with sticks.

Simona leaves after recording second album in 2006. Vlčák caught the mic for a brief period, being replaced by young and hungry (for smurfs I guess) Gargamel. Another blow after which things go slow comes with bass player Csaba departing after third album named (aptly for him) Amen. Leaving guitarist Martin as sole original member. Špendlík joins to tickle the fat strings. ADACTA tours Europe, Scandinavia and Russia.

In 2015, Špendlík lays down his parts for Tma LP and says au revoir soon after. Potkan of Lymphatic Gore Decomposition, Oros and Right To Kill fame debuts on bass in December. More touring of Europe. Some festivals. And slugging it out every possible weekend in small clubs around Slovakia and Czech Republic. Mostly.

ADACTA's fifth album in 2018 finds the ensemble shifting more towards death metal territories. Citing Swedish bands and Bolt Thrower as sources of these elements in the sound.

Tour of Brazil in 2018. Everybody wishes to come back ASAP ever since. Split LP with São Paulo's legends Skarnio is agreed upon and is in the works. As well as split EP with Russian skulls crushing outfit Antimelodix. First two albums are finally released on vinyl on Papagájův Hlasatel Records. And now Obscene Extreme. Yaaaay.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Zlo LP
2015 Tma LP
2010 Amen (split LP with Jonestown) LP
2006 Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam LP
2004 Circullus Viciosus LP


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