BURST New Caledonia

BURST - You Must Die


Even though we can think almost everything has been invented and played as for grindcore, there is always someone able to convince us of the contrary. A young band from the other side of the world, from New Caledonia, BURST is the living proof!!! We've been watching the boys for some time and following their invitation to Australia's OEF edition in 2014 it's time to invite these tropical freaks to Europe!!!

BURST have existed since 2013 and, in a country where there is virtually no metal or any other extreme music styles, they are together with Analkoholic, who they share some similarities with, alone in their grindcore struggle!!! The sound of their grind is fresh and new but still fucking crushing and mature!!! Their EP "You Must Die" be the proof!!! A bombshell from Big Land (Grande Terre) at the OEF 2019!!!


BURST is a grind metal band founded in 2013 by 4 Caledonians in Koutio in New Caledonia. These 4 long-time friends share this passion for extreme music, and they meet several times a week in their studio to advance their musical project. The new Caledonia is a country where the metal culture is practically non-existent, this is what motivates BURST to push back any limits and scheduled dates in unusual places like on the islet saint marie, “the Wednesday of the Anse Vata, the bars and private party .

In 2014 and for the first time BURST flies to Australia for the international grind festival "OBCSENE EXTREM FESTIVAL" This is where the group was born a furious desire to produce abroad.

In 2017 BURST returns in studio at MZX RECORD to release the EP "YOU MUST DIE" with the help of the French label MUSIC RECORD which will be released in early 2019.

In 2018 the group receives confreres directly from Israel for a week-long tour through Caledonia. 2019 BURST releases the EP "YOU MUST DIE" and works on a video clip that will promote the first European tour. (June / July 36 Days). This tour and organized by ourselves and our label.


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