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Houston, Texas. A city dedicated to high-quality underground production. One of the proofs to be a relatively young grind pack called TANTALUM which will be travelling in a van through the European landscape right at the time of the upcoming Obscene Extreme Festival together with Cryptic Void, their fellow-countrymen from the same city and the same cloth.

Their debut recording titled "Survival" is one hell of a promise for the future. Of course, live in Trutnov at the Battlefield in 2019!!!


Tantalum—a gulf coast grindcore band from Houston, Texas that was formed in September of 2016.

Guitars- Mikey T. (former PLF and 50/50, Holy Money) and Seattle (Cryptic Void, Mindboil)
Drums- Frank (former PLF, Cryptic Void)
Vocals- Alice (insolvent)
Bass- Jeff Poppe

In late 2016 the band started playing and writing new material with combination of grindcore with punk elements. In early 2017 Tantalum picked up Alice on vocals and Mikey focused solely on riffs. Seattle moved to second guitar in early 2018 when Jeff joined on bass to fill out the sound.  With the current lineup the band has established a more defined and solid sound. Tantalum released its first EP "Survival" in January 2018, bringing up intensity and fight-or-flight instinct to its listeners. The band has been playing non-stop since its formation and it is a valuable addition to the Gulf Coast grindcore scene.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Survival EP


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