NERVE GRIND United States

NERVE GRIND - Bow to Nothingness


This is called a true moshing old school grind! No frills whatsoever but a total ride from the first second to the last riff.

Accumulation of noise! Founded in 2012 in sunny California NERVE GRIND have several 7-inch and split 7-inch records under their belt (one with a domestic legend of the same kind Needful Things). Ladies and gentlemen, if you are into a pure grindcore, NERVE GRIND will be right thing for you. OEF 2019!!!


NERVE GRIND formed in 2012 from Los Angeles California and surrounding cities. With the purpose of creating the most cathartic, aggressive, angry, grindcore we could muster. The name came from the need to do excatly that without any gimmicks, etc. N.G. started off with Mike franko vox, Jimi hughes drums (human obliteration, he died ). & Jeff sandidge vox and guitar. Later Nick Manning(final conflict, ch3, ) took over drum duties. Along with Sam Uglesic on bass, Later Douglas Brein would take over on drums. Since the beginning N.G. has been about Grindcore as a cathartic means as well as a passion for blast beats and fast hard riffs. As the years roll on the unending quest to keep writing meaner, more relentless, pissed off grindcore remains the goal and purpose.


Release date Release name Media
2017 Split 7" NERVE GRIND/ NEEDFUL THINGS 2017 Agromosh records
2016 Years of shit lp 7" 2016 agromosh records LP
2016 Split cassete tape NERVE GRIND / THIEVES 2016 . Bloody scythe records
2015 4 way split 2015 NERVE GRIND/UxDxS/S.U.O.S.P/ PUTASOS


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