VOMI NOIR - La Spumation Infernale d Une Masse Pulsatile Et Coruscante


Incredible!!! We have managed to find a pearl in France’s rancid waters, a trio from Toulouse, France, VOMI NOIR, who are the successors of the most essential gore grind masterpiece, “Reek of Putrefaction”!!! They have only been around since 2015, but their music has exactly the sound and atmosphere of bands that started playing gore grind in the late 80's!!!

A true reincarnation!!! Those slimy vocals and that banging tunes must be a smooth balm to every old school gore grinder's ears. VOMI NOIR have released several recordings and soon their first full-length album will be out which promises to release the true reek of putrefaction to the Battlefield!!!


VOMI NOIR was spawned in Franceís so-called ďpink city, Toulouse back in around 2015 with Pierre (from BLUE HOLOCAUST/now also PULMONARY FIBROSIS) on guitar/vocals, David (bass) & Laurent (ex-BIOTOX) on drums, brought together by the legendary Gabi (also ex-BIOTOX).

Simply vowing to play toxic Grind-Gore in the old school way (with some death metal contaminants), getting our kicks from blastbeats, taking inspiration in bands such as old Carcass, Regurgitate, Dead Infection, Gore Beyond Necropsy, 80's splatter movies and the rotting world around us! With lyrics written in a pathological and gory vein, yet with a French twist.

A 10-song Demo (recently re-released on 7?) was puked up in haste and got some good notices from a few die-hard goregrinders around the world, it was followed by a few ep's, split 7"EP & various tapes. 

The band has been playing mostly local shows and festivals (VIOLENT APES) in France but has been composing and are about to release their full length debut called "ďLes Myasmes de la Deliquescence" (recorded in parallell to BLUE HOLOCAUST's ďFlesh for the Cannibal God LP, with the same line-up, also coming soon) to be released on vinyl through BRINGER OF GORE (Belgium) and on CD through TERRIBLE MUTILATION (Australia). It's only the beginning of the end.


Release date Release name Media
2019 Split 7" Ep with Sneezing Pus
2018 "Toutes les Metamorphoses de la Mort" 7"
2017 "Envies de Meurtre" Split tape with Halitosis
2017 "Session Ecorchť ŗ Vif" tape
2016 s/t demo DEMO


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