AGGRESSIVE TYRANTS - Zabijáci od řeky Jizery


They have have been around for over 20 years but have never played at OEF yet!!! In their own words they had to learn to play!!! It is none other than Czech perverted gravediggers and deviants called AGGRESSIVE TYRANTS!!! In the 90's, this band left a deep scar in the Czech underground scene with their demos and unforgettable gigs full of fun, porno lines and other perversions harming no one though!!!

AGGRESSIVE TYRANTS have gone through style changes and tended more to the hardcore style for a while but have returned to the proven grind core noise!!! And that suits them best! We all will have the chance to allow ourselves to be convinced at the Battlefield!!!


The formation of the band Aggressive Tyrants, dates back to 1993 in the composition of Jarda-drums, Josef-bass, jindřich-guitar / roar. Playing hard metal music was a clear goal, but it was the main thing, to play!!! A year later, there were several concerts, there were some changes in the players, and Josef didn't like the style we were creating! Neither Public was inclined to Extreme at that time! We started cooperation with Martin Cech, from a neighboring town who was already producing Epidemie records, and arranged for us a few purely grind gigs!!! By leaving for basic military service, bass player Josef is definitely leaving us !!!

We played only guitar-drums for a few months, which led to the band's grind-noise !!! Blues guitarist Břéťa takes over as bass player, and half a year later we recorded our first studio demo: A miminko je… .1996 / Shindy prod./ !!!! Already at this time we flirt on shows with various disguises, sex aids, masks, etc. !!!!!!!! Bass player left the band when he started his studies at the University!!! we found bass player Roman, with whom we recorded a very successful demo: Žužlání Klitorisu... ..1998 / Shindy prod. / !!! Above the band, however, for inexplicable reasons, black clouds are moving !! at that time we played at purely punk events. At that moment we are releasing two CDs 2002 and 2006 at Cecek records !!! We are back on death/grind events and at Bizzare leprous p. we release cd 2010: Případy plné…. /2013 cd to 20 years of the band: Narcosurealismus /2017 cd: Blázinec vražd a sexu!!! a year later we released remaked demos: Mininko and Žužlání on Digi pack at Pařát magazine, after 20 years from the first releases !!!! The practice of more than a thousand concerts means a one thing, Do Not Miss trio A.T. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Release date Release name Media
2018 The Gore Grind Nineties
2017 Blázinec sexu a vražd
2013 Narcosurrealismus
2010 Aggressive Tyrants - Případy plné ženské krve a mužského spermatu (2010) CD
2006 Aggressive Tyrants - 2006
2002 Aggressive Tyrants - demo 2002
1998 Aggressive Tyrants - Žužlání klitorisu zdechlé narkomanky (1998) CD
1997 Aggressive Tyrants - Sexuální pathologický aggressor (1997) CD
1996 Aggressive Tyrants - A miminko je na světě (1996)


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