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We are thrilled to announce another squad for OEF 2020. KRLJA! A brutal four-piece from sunny Croatia!!! Following great representatives of Croatia's grind, like Bolesno Grinje and Dislike, here is KRLJA, a crew a bit younger who have skilfully mixed grindcore with death metal and a pinch of crust!!! Formed in 2009, they have released two really impressive records, "Grind World Order" and "Psalms of the Eater God", that aren't lacking in dynamics or the cadence of that infamous ‘toy’ known as AK 47!!!

KRLJA, from the capital Zagreb, are working on a new album for 2020 and we’ll all be grateful to succumb to its beats and dance wildly to their songs in the moshpit at the Battlefield!!! KRLJA, welcome to OEF 2020!!!


Krlja is a four piece deathgrind band from Samobor/Zagreb, Croatia. They started playing in 2009. after their old band split up. With influences from its band members styles and many bands worldwide they have created its own variety of grind/death/crust music. In the beginning Krlja was: Mitja on drums, Metod on guitar, Nikola B. on bass guitar and Nikola Z. on vocals.

Their first full length called “Grind World Order” was self released in 2010. And shortly after that their bassist Nikola B. left the band. From that moment Krlja moved on as a trio and recorded “Psalms Of The Eater God” in 2012. and released it on their own in 2013. That was also the year Ivan joined the band on the bass guitar, and from that moment Krlja's lineup hasn't changed.

Krlja did 4 tours in Europe, along with many shows in Croatia and Slovenia. Shared stage with bands like: Patareni, General Surgery, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom, Impaled, Rotten Sound, Fatum...

The drummer Mitja and the bassist Ivan are playing together in another grindcore band called Aligrindtor. Mitja is also the organiser of the Croatian grind crust hc festival "Buka I Otpor" (Noise and Resistance).

Current line up:
Mitja - drums
Metod - guitar
Ivan - bass
Zvonar - vocals

Band is currently finishing their new songs to record and release a new album planned for 2020.


Release date Release name Media
2013 Psalms of The Eater God CD, DOWNLOAD
2010 Grind World Order CD, DOWNLOAD


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