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Dance and destroy! That's the motto of this Belgian ultra fast power violence/hardcore maelstrom called HETZE. The band's name has been resonating in the European fastcore scene for the last two years and it’s no surprise that their debut album has been so well received.

Add that to an absolutely, blindingly, energetic show, and the fact that HETZE is an all-girl band, is just the icing on the cake. This combination is bound to win over Despise You, Health Hazard or Asshole Parade fans, so make sure you check HETZE out at Obscene Extreme Festival 2020!!!


Hetze? What is that? Damn, this is loud and fast. Heavy shit!

Wait a second ... Those are all girls! They sure aren't messing around. They have some anger to vent. Looks like most of it is about social injustice and animal rights, cool, I can get behind that. Shit, those guitars are ripping and the bass is heavy as fuck! The singer is screaming her lungs out so hard, it almost looks like she is going to pass out. She is turning red and pushing people, damn, I hope she doesn't mosh into me. I hear a mix of hardcore punk, D-beat and powerviolence! That’s sweet! They listened a lot to Assholeparade, Despise You and Health Hazard I believe! Check out that drumming girl, blasting away like a maniac! Oh wait, I think it is actually a dude with long hair, my bad.

Looks like they have some cool merch too, totebags, shirts, what's this, an LP titled Bedbugs put out by Loner Cult Records, Emergence, Up The Punx, ZAS Autoproduzioni and Fucking Kill Records in 2018. What! 5 labels? That shit has GOT to be good!

Let's just quickly check their facebook too. Damn, they post a lot of stuff, I guess they have too much time on their hands huh, shouldn't they be rehearsing more? Ah, looks like they are releasing something new in December 2019. A split vinyl with Dismalfucker from Germany? I know them, cool fucking band! Loner Cult Records again, that must be a sweet label, I heard the guys from Travølta are behind it, their taste in music I definitely trust. Co- released with Spastic Fantastic Records, I know them, didn't they release some Dean Dirg and III! stuff before? It will be out in December, so this split will make a sweet Christmas gift for my punk addicted grandma!

Hetze, from Belgium, I'll remember that name!

Dance and Destroy!


Release date Release name Media
2019 Split LP w/ Dismalfucker LP
2018 Bedbugs LP
2018 Bedbugs LP


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