INTOXXXICATED - Need to be Broken


A wild Mexican adrenaline ride, INTOXXXICATED, will be another explosive band smashing it out at OEF 2020!!! The five freaks started under the name ‘Thrash to Destroy’, but shortly after, in 2001, changed their name to INTOXXXICATED and commenced tearing us a new one with filthy thrash metal that doesn’t lack in punk or old school NWOBHM drive.

All this with red-hot guitar riffs, frenetic drums and vocals full of rage against the human race!!! INTOXXXICATED have played hundreds of concerts in their native Mexico and neighbouring countries and now we get to welcome them to Europe for the first time!!! Genuine Warmageddon will hit OEF 2020!!! INTOXXICATED, welcome!!!


Spawned at early 2001 in Mexico “rotten” City doing some shows under the “Thrash To Destroy” name (yes, they know that name sucks) later they decide to change it to IntoxXxicateD, over the years they’ve played hundreds of shows in Mexico also through frontiers, and in a lot of festivals always with a D.I.Y. attitude and without thinking about giving up, they are one of the most constant bands in Mexico thrash metal scene and with shows full of mosh pits, making one by one a full beer ahead party!

IntoxXxicateD features blazing riffs, raw adrenaline injected vocals, frenetic drums and a total fixation in the resignation of human putrid nature in both fun and deeply macabre world, with a sarcastic view from every angle… SO LET’S FUCKING ROCK!!!

In 2006, their first demo: “War Prisoners” emerged, demonstrating a crude style totally influenced by old-school thrash and punk bands.

In 2009 they release their first LP: “Beware Of Metal” recorded at -Gargola Studio- and produced by themselves and where two important hits come out that have become anthems of the Mexican thrash metal scene: “Porno-thrasher” and “Cheetos En La Torta” being the latter a parody of the difficulties and precariousness that all the bands that begin in the path of rock 'n roll go through, but with all the attitude and satisfaction of doing what you love regardless of anything else. By the way, a “Zombie Attack” cover by the legendary German band Tankard also appears.

In 2012 there are difficult times in Mexico, a lot of violence and the beginning of a bloodthirsty war against the “narco” which affects millions, hence the name of his second LP: “V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E.” where in addition to talking about parties and alcohol with a participation of Andreas Geremia (Tankard’s vocalist) for the theme "Speed and Beer", they decide to get involved in political issues and political-social criticism without neglecting their sarcastic touch and a good example of this is their "Thrashformers" theme.

In 2013 they launch the “Feed The Flames” EP as a protest against the serious events that occurred in different parts of Mexico and the world. You can see on the cover a real photograph of the riots in Athens Greece where a couple of police officers desperately tries to escape from the flames of a Molotov bomb; on this EP the band decides to venture into a more melodic speed metal sound as can be heard in their song “Rotting Away”.

At this moment the band has a breaking point since whoever was its vocalist for many years decides to leave the band, however they make an effort to restructure and in 2015 they present “Full Beer Ahead” an EP totally influenced by the d-beat punk "Tragedy" or "Anti-Cimex" style resulting in their song: "Among Chaos" and where the band's founding drummer -Enrique Parker- becomes the new front man.

2019 is the year that will witness the new LP of these maniacs, an album that is a mixture of punk, d-beat, thrash, speed metal and as always, waving the D.I.Y. flag high.
So, take a speed, grab a beer and prepare to party with these fuckin’ Latin American metal punk maniacs in their 19th anniversary!!!

Enrique Parker: Vocals
Ramon “Demian” Espejo: Guitar
Juan “Marcel” Sauza: Guitar
Eduardo Villa: Drums
Francisco “Mono” Velasco: Bass


Release date Release name Media
2019 66-6 Miles EP
2015 Full Beer Ahead EP
2013 Feed The Flames EP
2012 Thrashformers EP
2012 V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. (feat. Andreas Gerre from Tankard on “speed and beer”) LP
2009 Beware Of Metal LP
2006 War Prisoners EP


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