FEASTEM - In Isolation We Die


After a seven-year hiatus, we welcome back to the OEF stage the Nordic grinders FEASTEM!!! A band, that is more than connected with Obscene, after all, two of their long-playing albums were released by home Obscene Productions. Supersonic grindcore that rips everything live is exactly what we can expect and exactly what we will get!!!

The speed pedal pushed to the floor, the neurotic sound and the pissed off vocals this Finnish foursome serves us on their latest album "Graveyard Earth" and we are all looking forward to dive off the stage in the air to the tempo of their blastbeats!!! FEASTEM will bury us alive!!!


Much like every other band in the world, Feastem has had “some” downtime lately. Started in 2005, we were supposed to celebrate our 15 years of worship at the altar of blast beat with the release of our latest album (first one in seven years!), Graveyard Earth and extensive touring and festival appearances spread out during 2020 and 2021. We all know how that went. As it now seems that humankind is finally starting to adapt to what Mother Nature threw our way, 2022 will (should?) mark a new beginning for Feastem as we are setting out to finish what we began with the release of Graveyard Earth. And what better way to do that than appear at the best blast fest on Earth, Obscene Extreme 2022! We couldn’t be more excited to return to our second home country of Czech Republic and preach the end-time gospel to all the grind maniacs that have traveled the globe to share those precious days of fast music and fine company. We have cleaned the cobwebs off our trusted instruments and have begun stretching our necks, it’s best you start preparing too. We’ve missed you all!



Release date Release name Media
2020 Graveyard Earth LP
2015 Split w/ Teething
2013 Avaritia Humanae / Tape [Obscene Productions / L'inphantile Collective / Feastem] CD, LP
2012 Split w/ Kill The Client 12”
2011 World Delirium
2009 Fear In Concrete CD CD
2007 Worthless (promo) EP
2006 Psychotic Excess EP


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