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It's great to introduce you another legend of their scene!!! This time it will be the leading English thrash metal icon, ONLSLAUGHT, who will grace the Battlefield at OEF 2020!!! The guys, who are known for their legendary masterpieces such as "Power from Hell" or "The Force" and were formed as early as in 1982, pump out intense thrash drumfire with English punk influences!!! No surprise as ONSLAUGHT come from the "punk" city of Bristol.

The band went through a number of successes and crashes followed by an awesome reunion in 2005 after years of hibernation!!! The records "Killing Peace" or "VI" serve as proof. This is exactly what you will get, a punch in the solar plexus of great thrash metal!!! Welcome ONSLAUGHT to OEF 2020!!!


UK Thrash legends ‘Onslaught’ are one of the most explosive and controversial Metal bands ever to come out of the UK.

Releasing 3 now legendary albums in the 80’s (Power From Hell / The Force / In Search of Sanity), the band marked it’s path to become a major influence for many Metal generations to follow.

Since reforming in 2005, the band have performed countless shows / tours all across the globe, earning themselves the reputation as one of the very best Live Acts in the scene today, with crushing performances at Wacken / Bang Your Head / Thrash Domination / 70000 Tons of Metal / Hammersonic / Hellfest / Brutal Assault & Bloodstock Festivals to name just a few..!!

With four critically acclaimed album releases in 2007 / 2009 / 2011 & 2013 (Killing Peace / Live Damnation / Sounds of Violence / VI) and with the back catalog being released no fewer than 3 times Onslaught stands as one of the most respected acts in the Metal scene today.

During the mass promotion in the USA for the latest studio album ‘VI’ we saw Onslaught reach and stay in the top 10 of the CMJ charts for 4 consecutive weeks. ‘VI’ was also the number 1 selling thrash metal album with Amazon.com becoming one of the biggest selling acts in North America for their Label AFM records.

Early 2016 saw the release of ‘Live at the Slaughterhouse’ a live DVD that celebrated the power and raw intensity of an Onslaught show that was well received by the public and critics alike. 2016 also saw Onslaught as the first international thrash metal band to play Vietnam as well as touring China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Europe.

2017, the band hit South and Central America, Mexico and once again Europe. One of the highlights of the year however was breaking new ground as the first legitimate international thrash metal band ever to play in the Lebanon.

With a new album now well underway and the new single and video ‘A Perfect Day To Die’ already completed – the Onslaught continues, as relentless and hungry as ever!

Nige Rockett – guitar
Sy Keeler – vocals
Jeff Williams- bass
James Perry – drums
Wayne Dorman – guitar


Release date Release name Media
2019 A Perfect Day to Die (Single)
2016 Live at the Slaughterhouse (Live-CD/DVD) CD, DVD
2013 VI
2011 Sounds of Violence
2009 Live Damnation (Live-CD) CD
2007 Killing Peace
1989 In Search of Sanity
1989 Welcome to Dying EP
1988 Shellshock EP
1987 Let There Be Rock EP
1986 The Force
1985 Power from Hell
1985 Power from Hell


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