We are more than happy that this iconic American squad playing since1987 will come to the Battlefield to show us how to play the truest death metal of the American school! One of the most essential pioneers of the genre will sit us down behind our desks and teach us like first year pupils at primary school.

And we'll be drooling over it with goose bumps on our neck from start to finish. Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome MALEVOLENT CREATION in the roster for OEF 2020!!!


No one can destroy this MALEVOLENT CREATION’…

…is a legendary line by the late, great Bret Hoffmann, who passed away on July 7th, 2018. Renowned and revered for his vicious vocal style and unique onstage presence, Hoffmann is impossible to replace, but co-founder Phil Fasciana decided to face the challenge and affirm the truth behind this lyric from the group’s 1991 debut “The Ten Commandments”.

Thus, MALEVOLENT CREATION will return in 2019 with “The 13th Beast”, which introduces a new line-up consisting of P.M. Cancilla (drums), Josh Gibbs (bass), Phil Fasciana (guitars) and vocalist/guitarist Lee Wollenschlaeger (Throne Of Nails, Imperial Empire).

“This is the biggest honour I could ever be given”, says Lee Wollenschlaeger. “The opportunity to front one of my all-time favorite bands, and an even bigger pleasure of jamming with such great people. We have created one of the most relentless albums of MALEVOLENT CREATION’s history.”

“Lee was the missing link when I was searching for a new vocalist and guitarist”, adds Phil Fasciana. “Each new member is a solid musician and songwriter sharing the same passion for extreme music, MALEVOLENT CREATION has been striving for since 1987.”

MALEVOLENT CREATION established themselves within the underground scene in the late 80’s when fellow American acts such as Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Monstrosity, Autopsy and many others started future careers through a network of tape traders, xeroxed cut and paste fanzines and a steadily growing global following, hungry for metal that broke boundaries and plunged headlong into the macabre and extreme.

MALEVOLENT CREATION released all-time classics with their debut and 1992’s “Retribution”, successfully managed to overcome vocalist Bret’s departure after 1993’s “Stillborn”, and never strayed from the path to create uncompromisingly brutal metal. From “Eternal” (1995) to “Envenomed” (2000), from “The Will To Kill” (2002) to “Invidious Dominion” (2010), MALEVOLENT CREATION survived countless line-up changes, periods when death metal was labelled ‘commercially dead’ and retained a loyal worldwide legion of supporters throughout the years. This is not going to change with the quartet’s thirteenth studio album!

Musically, “The 13th Beast” expands upon 2014’s “Dead Man’s Path” yet also incorporates a brutality known from albums such as “The Will To Kill” and “Eternal”, which is further accentuated by Wollenschlaeger’s understandable yet deeper vocal tone and his songwriting contributions. Just like “Dead Man’s Path”, the record offers artwork by German Latorres, and was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö @ Unisound.

“As a fan, I know we are going to shock a lot of people at how intense this new album is. Done in a way only MALEVOLENT CREATION can”, says Lee and Phil is more than eager to unleash it upon the masses: “I’m very proud of this album and look forward to present it live as well as songs from our massive back catalog including stuff that hasn’t been played live in a long time or ever.”

So, even if MALEVOLENT CREATION had to overcome the tremendous loss of Bret – and they release this album dedicated to his memory – “The 13th Beast” is sonic proof that this metal monstrosity is indeed as indestructible as proclaimed in the decades old anthem cited above and ready to kill… again!


Release date Release name Media
2019 The 13th Beast
2015 Dead Man's Path
2010 Invidious Dominion
2010 Australian Onslaught
2008 Live at the Whiskey
2007 Doomsday X
2004 Warkult (
2004 Conquering South America
2002 The Will to Kill (
2000 Envenomed (
1998 The Fine Art of Murder
1997 In Cold Blood
1995 Eternal
1993 Stillborn
1992 Retribution CD, LP
1991 The Ten Commandments CD, LP


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