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CONAN - Vexxagon


Imagine a soundtrack to an epochal battle where blood is spraying in all directions and barbarians are wielding their heavy axes crushing one skull after another. This is exactly the picture you will get when the heavy-duty production of doom/sludge warriors from the British Isles, the iconic CONAN, will have hit you hard!

What a fitting name for a band playing this brutally slow style. Of course, there will be a ritual chopping of heads and serving narcotic ruby-colored drinks in cups made of enemy skulls. Get ready for OEF 2020 and sacrifice to the Gods right now!!!


Conan hail from the grim North West of England. Three men bear the wretched burden of this abyssal, droning, charging heaviness. Through yawning chasms and bleak devastated battlefields they deliver riffs and tone so grim and so thick that the Gods turn away, to avoid suffocating under the band’s unearthly delivery.

Since 2007 and their early demo ‘Battle In The Swamp’ Conan have taken their place at the very forefront of heavy music in the UK and indeed the world. Sharing the stage with bands such as Sleep, Acid King, Fu Manchu, Pentagram, Bongripper and High on Fire they have toured world wide and currently have tours of Europe, the USA and Australia under their belts. Guests of top festivals such as Hellfest, Roadburn, Motocultor, Desertfest, Maryland Deathfest and Psycho Las Vegas and Psycho California Conan have earned the right be held in high regard with the very

Expect rampaging, galloping, relentless fuzz and galloping crust. No escape, no rest.

New album EXISTENTIAL VOID GUARDIAN hits the stores on September 14th, 2018. Billed as the band’s finest work yet it combines their established doom power with literally the heaviest metal ever written.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Existential Void Guardian
2016 Revengeance CD, LP
2015 Live At Bannermans
2014 Blood Eagle CD, LP
2013 Conan / Bongripper EP
2013 Mount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012
2012 Monnos CD, LP
2011 Conan vs. Slomatics EP
2010 Horseback Battle Hammer EP
2007 Battle in the Swamp DEMO, EP


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