It was an unusual personal connection that put this pack together. All the current members come from different parts of the US but yet they met in the same place to give birth to ESCUELA GRIND, a band they have labelled as grind violence. They are joined by Jesse Fuentes of Kill The Client in the line-up to produce a harsh, filthy and wicked grind massacre.

Outright musical destruction. Live, this is going to be a total carnage. An apocalyptic sonic assault. Watch out for their debut LP at To Live A Lie Records and Regurgitated Semen Records that is currently in production!!!


Through punishingly short, and dynamic songs, Escuela Grind delivers politically charged lyrics inspired by modern anxieties, unrest, and the roots of Hardcore Punk, Grindcore, and Power Violence. While members Katerina Economou, Jesse Fuentes (Kill the Client, Creator|Destroyer), Jason Balthazar Eldridge (Hearse), and Kris Morash (Your Brain on Drugs) span from different parts of the United States; the band has been based in Upstate New York and Western Massachusetts since its first shows in 2016.


Release date Release name Media
2020 "Indoctrination" Full Length LP LP
2018 Split with Reeking Cross To Live A Lie, No Time Records, Destrukto Muzik
2017 Split with Disparo! Dead Red Queen Records
2016 "Non Serviam" EP Dead Red Queen Records, Abusive Noise Tapes EP
0 Split with Violent Opposition No Time Records, Destrukto Muzik
0 To Live A Lie Records (USA), RSR Records (Europe), and more to be announced


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