MORBID EVILS - Abacinated and Blind


And what about riffs spreading like pungent slime with a really hellish atmosphere. Indeed, nothing very positive. You will get a full load of
this from Finnland's MORBID EVILS on special Wednesday at Obscene Extreme 2020. It is a band that has received an iconic status right since its inception.

A very slow project founded by a singer of, otherwise, an ultra fast grind mayhem named Rotten Sound. Their albums are released under Svart Records. This is what you want to get on "weird" Wednesday at OEF 2020!!!


A counterpart of sorts to vocalist Keijo Niinimaa's older group Rotten Sound, Morbid Evils have become known for exploring slower tempos and the lower end of the sonic spectrum, all topped with a fascination with the morbid realities of our hopeless existence. Having so far survived fluctuating lineups, touring with Voivod and the impending global eco-catastrophe, Morbid Evils spent the best part of 2016 hidden in sweaty underground conditions perfecting their craft, working on the follow-up to their 2015 album In Hate With The Burning World. Comments Niinimaa.

"When producing these tracks I paid special attention on making things as heavy and suffocating as possible, to emphasize the deadly
seriousness of the world this music is taking us to." Come 2017, the band emerges from the pit with a paean to death, split in six sections, each examining the subject from various positions. Titled Deceases, the album takes a bold leap from their sludge-death metalish origins and towards a more original, minimalist approach. The air hangs heavy as droning, buzzing walls of downtuned guitars grind against punishingly pummeling drums in slow motion and everything around us seems to be another step closer to death. While wallowing in the unpleasantries of life Morbid Evils manage to churn out something wholly original in the congested sludge metal genre - if a grind/drone hybrid existed, it might sound like this. With their downtuned slo-mo aesthetics, nasty black metal-ish buzzsaw guitar harmonies and a drone metal-like sense of space in music, Morbid Evils are on a path of their own.

Adorning the album cover is the painting "Tukala Pietari" by Jerker Ramberg. Sounds on the album were captured on tape and mixed by Keijo Niinimaa, with mastering duties handled by Pelle Henricsson of Tonteknik. The album will be released on Svart Records on CD, LP and digital formats on August 25th, if the world doesn't end sooner.

Morbid Evils has created a solid fuzz around them during their short time of existence with their debut album, festival appearances and first tours in Finland and Europe. Founded in 2014 by Keijo Niinimaa (Rotten Sound), the band has a vision to create something new by combining old school death metal with filthy sludge and depressing doom.

Their first release, "In Hate Of The Burning World" (Svart Records) was the very first step of this vision with terrifying soundtrack for the
apocalypse and the reception for the album was beyond all expectations. Now the band is back with with disturbing "Abyss" and an 8-minute version of a death rock classic "Damn Deal Done" by Entombed (SWE) on their side of the split.


Release date Release name Media
2017 Deceases Album
2016 Abyss Split with Albino Rhino
2015 In Hate With the Burning World Album
2015 Abacinated and Blind Live EP


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