GATECREEPER! Remember this name well! With a clean conscience, we can guarantee you that this band will be one of the dark horses of the Obscene Extreme Festival in 2020! Lately, the hype around this band has been incredible.

With their debut album "Sonoran Depravation" released at Relapse Records in 2016, GATECREEPER has become a comet that illuminated and energized the underground death metal scene. Take the best of Scandinavian production, mix it with death/doom techniques and add young blood to oxigenate the final blend. GATECREEPER will chop it up into pieces in Trutnov!!!


Gatecreeper are among the most promising Death Metal bands of modern times. After several DIY releases and the 2016 Relapse debut SONORAN DEPRAVATION, the US-Americans Gatecreeper now return with their second album DESERTED, which emphasizes the strengths of the band around frontman Chase Mason even more clearly and results in rousing Death Metal songs. These are clearly driven by the Swedish-sounding boss HM-2 sound, but DESERTED is not a Stockholm clone, but combines the basic aggression of brutally rolling Death Metal with memorable tunes that unfold their own magic: Gatecreeper give a damn about cheesy children's song sequences, but create their own atmosphere. This quickly captivates the listener, appears nebulous as well as ominous, and lets him feel the threatening mischief caused by the always brutally rolling music and the aggressive vocals (there is definitely no space for clean vocals). In the end, Gatecreeper descend into the emotional lowlands of Doom-Death, but instead of leaving the listener depressed, this dragging end motivates them to listen to the album again. Gatecreeper make Death Metal dangerous again. Dangerously intense.


Release date Release name Media
2019 Deserted
2018 Gatecreeper, Iron Reagan EP
2017 Sweltering Madness EP
2016 Sonoran Depravation
2014 Gatecreeper EP
0 Gatecreeper, Take Over and Destroy EP
0 Gatecreeper, Homewrecker, Outer Heaven, Scorched EP


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