Another legendary grind crew that we all thought had been eradicated, has resurged!!! Belgium's bards, INTESTINAL DISEASE, are back!!! Their truly old school grindcore with a touch of punk was an essential part of the 90's and they were, together with their compatriots from Agathocles, pillars of the scene!!! INTESTINAL DISEASE have released just a single full-length album, "Counting the Damage", since 1992 when they formed, but it was truly infectious. They have also recorded lots of splits all over the world!!!

At the beginning of the new millennium, the band was on the edge of extinction, but they have mutated and the two original members, Hazie and Rudy, have infected two other lunatics, Dean and Manory, to spread INTESTINAL DISEASE!!! And now they have spread to OEF 2020!!! Get ready for grindcore in its purest form!!!


Intestinal Disease started in 1992 in the stream of Agathocles. The guys met each other during the rehearsals of Agathocles at Burt’s place near by Diest in Belgium. Inspired by Agathocles they started to play old school grind core with political ideas. Vocals were done by two to form the low and high. The band went on tour from the beginning. During the nineties they played in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, Italy. In the early years live was a blast and ended in a noise party. At the beginning of 2000 more punk influences entered their music. Songs began to shape more solid. With their first full album they went on tour in Brazil with their friends from Rot. The four headed band got a strong life reputation and played lots of gigs in Belgium and abroad. After 2002 the line-up changed often and less concerts were held abroad. Since 2017 the line-up is back with former bass player Rudy and his mates from the league of mentalmen; Manory on guitar and Daan on drums. Hazie is still on vocals. Their style is going back to the beginning where grind-core meets some metal influences. Check them out in your local town and enjoy the old school grind like the good old days. Scream along!


Release date Release name Media
2012 Face your underground 12 compilation CD
2012 Intestinal disease-Cause of divorce 45t 12”
2006 Boumxcoeur compilation 7”
2005 Squattus.Ex.Machina compilation CD
2002 Intestinal disease-Disjonctor 7”
2002 Hitters and Runners 4 way compilation 12”
2000 Counting the damage 12”
1997 Intestinal disease-Rot 12”
1997 Intestinal disease-Cornucopia 7”
1997 Intestinal disease-Acroholia 7”
1995 Intestinal disease – Violent Headache 7”
1995 Chards of civilisation compilation 7”
1994 No desire to continue living compilation 10”
1994 Intestinal disease – Thinkshit 7”
1994 Mit mir ist nicht zu rechnen 4 way compilation 7”
1994 Intestinal-uncivilised-contramination-No bois 7”
1993 Intestinal disease – brutal Mutilation 7”
1993 Raped inside your fault 7”


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