BANDIT Pennsylvania

BANDIT - Black Sand Beach


Philadelphia pack BANDIT pumps out relentless grind core with frenziedly brutal and fast fire drumbeats. From the very beginning these guys have revelled in the adoration of not only an ever-growing crowd of fans, but also of ‘big’ UG magazines such as Decibel and Metal Injection.

Two years ago, these magazines included Bandit in a list of bands that you can't miss, and, more than ever, we think that’s still true – so whatever you do, don’t miss BANDIT live at the Obscene Extreme Festival in 2020!!!


Bandit formed in late 2012 when current drummer Michael Thomas and Guitar Jack McBride decided to get together and write some music, eventually putting an EP together and recruiting a new drummer (Kevin Nolan) as Michael moved on to play bass in the band. This line up would go on to release a two demos, two splits, and a complication tape. In early 2016 then drummer Kevin Nolan decided to leave the band to focus on other aspects of his life, bassist Michael found himself back behind the drum kit and the band recruited close friend Gene Meyer to fill in on vocals for a couple shows until they could figure the new line up out. The shows went so well that the line up stuck and that has been the steady lineup since March of 2016, this lineup has recorded and release two solo EPs and a split 7” and is currently working on their first LP. The bands close friend Joe “RHK” Krause is also considered an honorary fourth member of the band performing guest vocals on certain songs live if he’s available.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Warsaw 7”
2018 Grind Killaz 2016-2018 Compilation
2017 Demonstration 2017
2017 Split 7” with Pavel Chekov 2017
2016 Self Inflicted
2015 Split 7” with Ground 2015
2014 Play Fast Or Die
2013 Gutter Punk DEMO
2013 Split with Thunder Muscle


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