Polish crust or grind means something special in Europe. This is thanks to bands in which DEATH CRUSADE's members have previously played in. Throughout the 90's, Poland was the hotbed of raw crust/grind groups such as Silna Wola, Homomilita, Disgusting Lies, Infekcja, Money Drug and Filth of Mankind in which DEATH CRUSADE band members cut their teeth.

So, do not expect anything other than a total crust assault of blast eruptions reminiscent of the traditional 90's squads, but with an awesome contemporary brutal sound. DEATH CRUSADE at OEF 2020!!!


3 years after the break-up of Filth Of Mankind, ex-guitarist Micha≥, who missed playing fast and uncompromising music (he played in the meantime in the post-metal band Salviction with Balon, ex-F. O. M. drummer) invited ex -Money Drug and F. O. M. singer Kalka to create a new crust project together. In contrast to the previous band, this time the music was supposed to be simple, fast and energetic, without unnecessary combinations in the spirit of d-beat with some occasional blast-beats. That's how Death Crusade was created in 2014 with a few songs previously written by Micha≥.

In the initial period of their activity, the band struggled with personal problems with the rhythmic section, yet constantly composed new songs. Finally, the line-up has stabilized and its core consists of three ex-members of Filth Of Mankind: Micha≥ "Flondra", Filip "Kalka", and Pawe≥ "Balon". When Darek "S≥owik" joined the bass guitar, the band, after 3 years of existence, recorded their debut album "Rakieta// Bomba". The material was released at the turn of 2017/2018 by a collaboration of several labels in Poland and Europe. In the beginning of 2018, "S≥owik" was replaced by bassist Wojtek (ex-Putrid Evil, HIV).

Thanks to Kalka's peculiar lyrics, the band manifests their opposition to the existing world order and criticizes social injustice, political systems, people's thoughtlessness towards the surrounding nature and senseless bloodshed in the name of absurd ideas.

Death Crusade is a well-prepared concert monolith, which attaches great importance to energy and spontaneity during live performances. So far, the band has shared the stage with such bands as Brujeria, Extinction Of Mankind, Deviated Instinct, Inkwizycja, and many others.

The plan for the near future is to record a new album with songs that are already included in the band's setlist.

Current line up:
Kalka - vocals |
Flondra - guitars |
Wojtek - bass |
Paweł - drums


Release date Release name Media
2018 Rakieta /// Bomba , 2018 - LP (Stradoom, Chaos Days, Hidden Beauty, Phobia Records, Deviance, DIY Ko≥o), CD (band release), 2017 - CASS (Larmo Records) CD, LP


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