DISMEMBER - Soon to Be Dead


Just when you thought DISMEMBER were put into Death’s Sleep about ten years ago forever, they came back Reborn in Blasphemy. Stronger then ever in the original line-up that recorded the timeless classics such as Like an Ever Flowing Stream, Indecent and Obscene or Pieces EP. For those of you who came to their first Czech show in June 1992 with Napalm Death and Obituary in this classic original line-up. For those of you who witnessed their mesmerizing performance at the OEF 2006 or for those of you who have not seen them live yet, this is your unique chance to experience the death metal history in the making. As we have witnessed during the 2019 Scandinavia Deathfest, DISMEMBER are nowhere near to be dead and put into the Casket Garden.

They are fired with energy, blasting their Swedish death metal classics at full speed but there won‘t be much chances to see them live in Europe. There will certainly not be DISMEMBER tours anymore, just a few selected shows here and there. Staying away from the mammoth metal festivals, we are excited to have the death metal godfathers back at the OEF. There is hardly a place with better underground atmosphere then the legendary Trutnov amphitheatre. Exactly here at this Trutnov battlefield where real Iron Crosses Grow marking real mass graves of one 1866 battle, the Deathevocation will once again take place. From Dream to Dream THEY Have Always Been Like an Ever Flowing Stream: DISMEMBER!!!


Formation and Nuclear Blast-era (1988–2002)

The band formed in Stockholm in 1988. After a hiatus, during which several members joined Carnage, the band began recording in earnest in 1991 and released their debut album Like an Ever Flowing Stream that year. The album is today heralded as a milestone for the burgeoning Swedish death metal scene and established the band's fanbase, which was further bolstered by the controversy surrounding one song in particular, "Skin Her Alive". The song prompted an obscenity charge in the United Kingdom, against which the band successfully defended themselves.

In 1992, Dismember released the Pieces EP, and the following year continued with second full-length Indecent & Obscene which featured their song "Dreaming in Red"; the "Dreaming in Red" videoclip was shown in MTV's Headbangers Ball. According to an interview with fellow Nuclear Blast group Benediction inmetallian.com, Dismember and the said band got into a business dispute and eventually a fisticuff at this stage over tour arrangements and moneys owed.

Like many of the other Scandinavian death metal bands, Dismember began softening their sound in the mid-1990s, with 1995's Massive Killing Capacity more melodic approaches, which had a good public response. Nevertheless, they attempted a return to style with 1997's Death Metal, which ultimately became a sales disappointment. Their last album for Nuclear Blast was 2000's Hate Campaign.

Switching labels (2003–2006)
Around 2003, Dismember set a new path and signed for Karmageddon Records. In 2004, they released their sole album with that label titled Where Ironcrosses Grow which some thought sounds close to Hate Campaign and was inspired by Iron Maiden and Autopsy.

They switched record companies again in 2005, signing to Regain Records, which bought the rights to their earlier albums as well and released them as luxury digipak editions. In 2006, Dismember released their seventh album The God That Never Was continuing in the style of its predecessor. The band spent February on the road in Europe. In November 2006, Dismember toured Europe as part of the Masters of Death tour, with Grave, Unleashed, Entombed and Exterminator.

Split with Fred Estby and final album (2007–2010)
After the release of The God That Never Was and some touring, Estby left the band "after long and careful consideration". In a posting on the official site on April 20, 2007, Estby cites the demands of touring and the needs of his family as key reasons for him leaving the band. His statements appears as "My decision to put my family in first hand makes it impossible to keep on touring and commit to the band full time. I want to thank all the fans, friends, bands and all the other cool people I've met through the years and I wish Dismember all the best in the future. Fred."

In April 2008, they released their eighth album, Dismember.

Dismember released a two-disc DVD titled Under Blood Red Skies in late July 2009. The live concerts were filmed in the Netherlands and at the 2008 Party San Open Air Festival in Bad Berka, Germany. The DVD also included a documentary and interviews with band members. The cover art was created by Erik Danielsson of Trident Art.

Breakup and reunion (2011–present)
On October 16, 2011, bassist Tobias Cristiansson revealed in a statement that Dismember had broken up: "After 23 years, Dismember have now decided to quit. We wish to thank all our fans for your support."

On a possible reunion, drummer Fred Estby told Invisible Oranges in August 2016: "People were telling me that all the time. So maybe we should try to do some shows and get everything back. We always owned our rights to the albums and shirts, but there's still loose ends to tie up. I just wanted to set the record straight and hopefully do some shows in the future."

In February 2018, rumors were afloat that Dismember was planning to reunite that year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its formation. A reunion was teased that summer when the band posted random photos on their Facebook account. After nearly a year of rumors, it was announced on January 14, 2019 that the original lineup of Dismember has reunited and will perform together for the first time in over 20 years at Scandinavia Deathfest that October.


Fred Estby - drums
David Blomqvist - guitars
Robert Sennebäck - guitar
Matti Kärki - vocals
Richard Cabeza (aka Richard Diamon/Daemon) - bass


Release date Release name Media
2009 Under Blood Red Skies DVD
2008 Dismember
2006 The God That Never Was
2004 Where Ironcrosses Grow
2004 Live Blasphemies DVD
2000 Hate Campaign
1997 Death Metal
1997 Misanthropic EP
1995 Massive Killing Capacity
1995 Casket Garden EP
1993 Indecent & Obscene
1992 Pieces EP
1991 Like an Ever Flowing Stream
1991 Skin Her Alive
1990 Reborn in Blasphemy
1989 Last Blasphemies
1989 Rehearsal
1988 Dismembered


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